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Noises in the night

When you live close to the bush like I do there are all sorts of sounds you will hear in the night. The noises in the night are made by small animals, marsupials, reptiles and birds finding their way around.

Last night I was awoken by what sounded like a loud bang. It sounded like something landing on something!! You never know what is happening outside, while you are sleeping inside. How did the early explorers sleep in a swag under the stars? Have you slept in a swag under the stars, like my son Matt? He did a trip in remote parts of Western Australia, sleeping in a tent and in dry creek beds. I could not cope with it, all those noises in the night!

hands over a bonfire
If sleeping in a dry creek bed then a fire is essential.
Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas on

At our place we have bandicoots, birds, possums, lizards, and brush turkeys. Not all of them make noises in the night. I like the soft sound of the frog mouthed nocturnal bird (often called an owl). A plover is noisy, but I do not find it annoying. Last year, we had to stop the car for a plover as she escorted her family across the road in the middle of the day.

I liked the small truss tomato’s I bought so much that I kept the seeds and ended up with seven plants. I have two left. There were noises in the night, must have been a bandicoot. The wire is now protecting the plants from intruders.

It must have been a busy night for the reptiles and marsupial mammals at our place last night. I heard a little scurrying around in the garden.

Was it the bandicoot who has eaten five of my small truss tomato plants? Or was it the monitor lizard that has made our place, his home? Earlier this year we found him in the chicken run. On another occasion I heard the chickens next door making a racket. It was the monitor lizard taking a walk in the garden. The ‘girls’ did not like his company and let everyone know. I do not worry about him turning up unannounced anymore, the chickens let me know.

Was it the monitor lizard I heard scurrying around in the garden? This was him in our tree the day before.
A warm day today and the hens are feeling the heat.
They love their grain treat. Sunflower seeds are their favourite.

I almost forget to mention the flying foxes. They visit us every February to feed from the flowering gums. Ear plugs are essential for me to cope with these noises in the night. However, living close to the bush is better than living with city noise. I would not swap the noises of the night by living close to the bush for traffic, trains, cars honking and people having a terrific time, now walking home, noisily. I have no complaints about the noises in the night at my place. They are wonderful.

Do you know what this is? Maybe a Jewel Beetle. This little fellow is no longer living. But what exceptional colours. Beetles are an important part of our ecosystem. They are able to see at night, thanks to the starlight.

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