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NQR – not quite right

Not Quite Right
Not Quite Right

I just came across the NQR – “not quite right” term and I am adopting it as my favourite term, at least for a while. There are so many things I can respond to with NQR. In doing so I get the sense that I may sound a little like “Kath” from the Australian Television comedy series, but I can live with that!

Firstly, I discovered there is a grocery store in Victoria called NQR which sells factory seconds and excess stock. They have been operating in Victoria for over 20 years. It’s just NQR that I haven’t heard about them but perhaps that is because I live in Queensland. If Victorians shop at a NQR store they can save up to 70-80% off their grocery shop. In my mind, it is “quite right” (QR) for all those who are within travelling distance  to a NQR store to take advantage of the discounts. 

There are a number of circumstances in the world around me that are just NQR.

My “Super Snoop” post of 1 May 2015 was about changes with superannuation in Australia. Yes, everyone who has super and particularly retiree’s need to be savvy about super changes. It is NQR when retiree’s and those nearing retirement thought they had their future mapped out and overnight a new rule is introduced, NQR. There are retiree’s who will lose the aged pension or part thereof in 2017, due to the assets test threshold reduction, NQR. While this means they are in a better financial situation than others it is NQR if the Federal Government keeps moving the goalposts. Currently, retiree’s on a part pension fall under a grandfathered rule whereby an income account set up prior to 1 January 2015 is exempt from the deeming rules. Yet, if retiree’s become solely self-supporting for a time, when they next qualify for a Centrelink pension or part thereof their superannuation income account will be subject to the deeming rules, NQR. The overall result  is a reduction in potential income, NQR. As you can see it matters to be informed as there are a few mine fields that should be avoided. The first step, even though all is NQR, is not to panic and disperse assets just to gain a part pension. Get advice from a trained and qualified financial advisor.

Take the example of a single person. To live a comfortable lifestyle in retirement they will need $42,604 per annum. If most of their assets are invested in superannuation then there should be a reasonable return without too much erosion of their capital. If investments are outside of super, given that returns on cash are low in the current economic climate, overtime they will go backwards, NQR. Supposedly, the aim of the super changes is to support others less financially fortunate and if this is the benefit it is QR. However, it is NQR given the surprise element of the changes for those who have worked hard and planned their retirement years based on different rules. The lesson out of all of this for the younger generation is to boost superannuation so that when the time comes they are able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

While Australia is a First World country, debt and deficit needs to be addressed so that we don’t end up like Greece. Borrowing money to pay off debt, in my mind, is NQR. If I accumulated debt and then continually borrowed to pay off my debt I would end up bankrupt!

It is NQR about what is happening in the Liverpool Plains in New South Wales. Tim Duddy whose family has farmed in the area since 1837 believes the proposal for the Shenhua Watermark coal mine is “agricultural genocide”. It is NQR that he has to go to battle to keep his land and other land free of mining. The proposed site for the mine is near Breeza, 45 kilometres south of Gunnedah.

Again, what about the Melbourne family (children 5yrs and 3yrs) who are stuck in Bali because of the Volcano ash (as are many others). It’s just NQR that with all they are going through, including Bali Belly, that the monkeys should eat their breakfast particularly after they only had one hour sleep! Read more here.

Also, it is NQR that that free speech in Australia is under attack. The Federal Government is planning to introduce legislation that criminalises detention centre whistle blowers. If human rights abuses are happening and they violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights then someone has to speak up. It is NQR to use the law illegitimately to silence free speech. This is a situation not only about “speaking up” but “standing up”. In Queensland whistleblowers are protected by law from criminal prosecution. Australia has human rights standards for immigration detention and it is definitely NQR for anyone to be prevented from speaking up about a violation of these standards. While so much in my life is QR there is much around me that is NQR.

What about YOU – any NQR situations in your life / part of the world?

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