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Online habits – the subtle seduction

Whether we like to admit it or not most of us have online habits. That is, what we do when we go online. How long we spend surfing the net. How long we spend on social media. If you have a business how long do you spend looking for marketing tips or inspiration? How long do we spend researching that new purchase? Yes, our online habits can control us if we are not aware of the seduction of the internet – the subtle seduction.

Why do I say seduction? Because technology lure’s us into its web. Most of us can’t stay away from it. Yes, even older people, over 65-year old’s, are seduced into the web also known as the World Wide Web (W3).

Therefore, I was surprised recently when out shopping the young attendant looked at my One&Only (O&O) and then looked at me and said “do youse have a computer” meaning she wanted to give us vital information about how we could order online – click & collect! First of I wanted to say “youse” is not a word but let that one go. Then, I wanted to say” I have a computer in my pocket, it’s called a mobile”. But took the polite response and said “yes, we have a computer”.  Doesn’t Generation Z know that even older people are seduced by W3?

Excuse me – my mobile is talking to me!

If you are like me, you are doing more shopping online. The convenience of online shopping is seductive. You can shop 24/7 and then have your shopping delivered to your front door.

When there are the big household items such as fridge/freezers or ovens I spend much time online researching the best product, looking at reviews and hoping that others experience will match mine once I choose the product.

It is better for us if we are at the beach, surfing – “between the flags” rather than surfing online. That is what I tell myself however the seduction is strong and before long I am either on my mobile or sitting at my computer. When I refer to surfing online I am not referring to the “dark web” or other online activity that is illegal or immoral. I am just referring to the convenience of going online and making our life easier. No need to leave the comfort of our home to shop, communicate with friends, check on the weather, research a subject, read a book, or exercise via YouTube videos. The seduction of the internet can mean we spend less time with people. But somehow, we convince ourselves we are spending more time with people due to our social media activity. We are seduced into thinking that this is the way life is.

But is it the way life is? Our online habits can have an impact on our physical and mental health. Too much sitting at a computer and not enough exercise. That is why I like my FitBit – it tells me when I need to move. Does it matter that FitBit or your Apple watch know all about your every move? However, there are ways you can protect your privacy. To find out, just spend more time online researching the way forward!

Then what about social media? I have taken steps to reduce the time I spend on social media, such as Facebook. It is very seductive, and I found I was often picking up my mobile and checking what was happening in the lives of others. People I have met and others I have never met! Then there are those I know but never see and don’t have a relationship with. When you think about this – does it make sense? The seduction is very subtle.

Then there are those who are seduced through online dating. They think they have found the person of their dreams when all they have connected with is a scam. Someone who wants to scam them of their money. The seduction is very real, and lives are destroyed all because of the subtle seduction of online habits.

Then there are children who are unknowingly seduced into an online relationship believing they have found a genuine person who is interested in them. All they have found is a person who wants to seduce them and rob them of their innocence. This is the “dark” side of online habits and dangerous for children’s welfare. Therefore, every parent should know about their children’s online habits and understand their online behaviour. My son grew up without a mobile and without a computer. He spent his time outdoors, riding his bike or skateboard or playing sports. It was a healthy lifestyle. The challenge for parents today is to get the balance between children’s online habits and their offline habits!

Now is time for me to think about my online and offline habits and make sure I get the balance correct. That may mean more time away from W3? What about you? How well are you managing your online habits and the subtle seduction of W3?

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