Enjoying our COVID-19 recreational drive.
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Our COVID-19 recreational drive

After hearing the news we could take a recreational drive up to 50 kilometres, we planned our first post COVID-19 outing. My One & Only (O&O), Matt and I talked about where we would go. As the topic a few days earlier had been around fishing spots near Toowoomba we decided to go to Lake Cooby (37 kms away).

The lake is stocked with silver perch, golden perch, and Murray cod. We wanted to check out if this was a good place for my O&O and Matt to hook a fresh fish dinner.

On Wednesday morning we were extremely excited about the outing, a longer trip than the few kilometres for essential shopping. I checked and my O&O checked that Lake Cooby was open, so we could view the lake and enjoy a picnic.

I made a picnic lunch of curried egg rolls with mixed lettuce leaves for us, but left out the lettuce for my O&O who is not a big fan! Our thermos jug, that had not seen daylight for months, was filled with boiling water and packed with a selection of Twining’s tea to have with our egg rolls.

This was the first time my O&O and I had taken the trip to Lake Cooby. We had not travelled far off the main highway when the road narrowed to a dray track. Given this, we were happy there were no other cars around that would cause us to move off the bitumen. We applauded ourselves that we had chosen the best day for the trip.

The trip was uneventful apart from the car beeping every time my O&O went over 61kms per hour. As I was sitting in the passenger seat I offered driving assistance along the way, such as ‘it is an 80-kilometre zone and you are doing 94kms an hour!’ I know the importance of never driving faster than my guardian angel can fly.

This could be my recreational car.
I can see myself driving this red car. It could be my recreational car!

I did not want our first outing since COVID-19 restrictions to cost $266 – a gift to the Queensland government. I would rather spend the $266 on seafood or saving it for a restaurant dinner once they open for sit-down meals.

During our journey my O&O reassures me that going over the speed limit is the car’s fault. It increases its speed when going downhill! I calmly responded to this excuse with ‘have you thought of putting your foot on the brake?’ Meanwhile, Matt declined my invitation to get involved and be a back-seat driver – laughter!

Dreaming of adventure post COVID-19.
Matt is in the backseat dreaming of other adventures once COVID-19 is supressed.

My O&O is almost 11 years older than me and I see it as my personal and civic duty to help him drive. I am exceptionally reliable in this regard!!

When we arrived at Lake Cooby, we were shocked to find out that it was closed! How had we missed the information on the council website. While shaking our heads, which is what you do when perplexed, my O&O did a U-turn to find another picnic spot.

I looked towards the sky and saw grey, gloomy clouds floating towards our direction. Before long we had light rain and no sun. Not the most perfect day for a picnic. Nonetheless, there will be other opportunities to picnic and to enjoy the delightful autumn weather in Toowoomba.

While we needed an outing, our car needed also needed one. We kept getting the dashboard message that the battery was low. We bought a new car last November and with the coronavirus it has spent most of its time in the garage.

Before long, the car was back in its favourite location, the garage! We had found the perfect location for our picnic lunch, at home! As I like to say, ‘Home sweet home and time for tea!’ Our COVID-19 recreational drive had come to an end.

Note: Just by the way, my O&O is a very good driver. I am thankful to him that he gave me permission to satirise him in telling the story!

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