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    Flowering gums and flying foxes

    I am fortunate to live in a treed area in Toowoomba with flowering gums. They are tall and stately trees mostly found in the bush, but one is in the corner of our backyard. There are also a few other trees nearby on neighbouring properties. Where we live was developed around 30 years ago and many mature trees were preserved. We bought our home in February 2016 but did not move in until a few months later. One night in February we stayed overnight (air mattress). My sleep was disturbed by what I thought was possums moving around at night. Life went on and it did not occur to me…

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    Martin Luther King Jr said ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ Injustice comes to most of us in many varying forms as part of our life journey. But we have to rise above it. We must never give up. We are all born with the ability to rise above adversity. Nothing more to say today, I said it all in my book of 90,000 words published last year.

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    Never give up

    There are many mottos we can live by and ‘never give up’ is an important one. Many Australians are going through tough times at the moment. States across Australia are facing unparalleled fire emergencies. Up to 100,000 people have been asked to leave their homes in Victoria. Yesterday around 1,000 people were evacuated to two naval vessels (MV Sycamore and HMAS Choules) from the beach at Mallacoota in Victoria. In Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia fires are posing a risk to life. This is an unprecedented situation, never seen before in the history of Australia. New fires are forming at a disturbing rate. This follows scorching temperatures, extended…

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    2020 Vision in 2020

    We are about to step into a New Year but will we have 2020 vision in 2020? At the very least we all have an opportunity to make 2020 the best year possible for ourselves and others. We can visualise the life we want but our experiences might be different. For many Australians there will be struggles in 2020. For those who have sufferered and are still suffering from the devastating bushfires there will be many dark days ahead. It will be difficult for many to bounce back to where life was before the bushfires. There has been so much loss: of life; of homes; of businesses and livelihoods. There…

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    Christmas Tree Topper

    A Christmas tree topper is a decoration placed on the very top of the Christmas tree. The most popular tree toppers are an angel or a star. Choosing a Christmas tree topper is important as it is the ‘pièce de résistance.’ That is, it is the most important feature of the tree. Do most of us choose a tree topper without much thought of its significance? My choice of Christmas tree topper in an angel. A few years ago, I updated our Christmas tree topper replacing it with the smaller, but much-loved decoration, with an angel that looked more radiant, with shining golden wings and a harp! When I placed…

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    Thoughts and prayers

    When you hear the expression thoughts and prayers do you see this as an attempt to give comfort? When people are experiencing tragic circumstances what should we say? The words seem harmless enough and well-intended but has the statement become too glib? Do the words give comfort and is it the right thing to say? The Urban Dictionary says that thoughts and prayers are ‘an expression of indifference to tragedy intending to seem empathetic.’ It is true that well-intended words do not always give the comfort intended. It was very evident when a woman, whose home was burnt to the ground, lashed out on camera after the Prime Minister of…

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    Greetings are important

    Every time I phoned my mother she would greet me and any other callers (via her landline) with ‘Hello, Good Evening.’ If it was another time of day the appropriate greeting would be heard – ‘Hello, Good Morning’ or ‘Hello, Good Afternoon.’ It was her signature greeting. How do you greet others when you answer your phone? What is your signature greeting? Greetings are very different when we are on our mobile phones. Usually, we know who is calling and therefore our response might be ‘Hello, Bill.’ If my mobile rings and it is an unknown caller I might say a vague ‘Hello’ and nothing more until I find out…

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    The Cat Agrees

    If you are a cat person I am sure you will agree that cats are great to live with. If you treat your cat well then the cat agrees that living life with you is rather good! Or are you living with them? The cat is a very agreeable animal. I know this because when I used a speech recognition software I continually saw on the page ‘the cat agrees.’ I was researching and writing a thesis. To save time it was an attractive option to use a speech recognition program. I bought the Dragon software and it was excellent at recognising my voice and converting the voice to text…