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Pandemic Puppies

There has been more interest in puppies since the pandemic settled in and people are in lockdown. So, what better time to welcome a new puppy into your home. A fur baby to be the focus of your love and attention.

Due to the pandemic puppies have been in big demand. So, the prices for a puppy have skyrocketed. That is good news for dog breeders. But not so good news for people who could enjoy a puppy but who cannot afford the high price tag. The small, big, and designer dog prices have gone from $800 to $5,000.

If you are older, alone, and stuck at home due to lockdown a pandemic puppy could be right for you. But not the price. So, what are the options and what are the benefits of having your very own pandemic puppy?

Pandemic Puppies and responsibilities

Firstly, a puppy is not something that you have for a while and discard later. Therefore, it has to be thought through carefully. I happen to be knowledgeable about puppy responsibilities as I have been thinking about buying or adopting one for several years. But I was always concerned about taking the step into puppy world, a world which was my new way of living. I would no longer be living with my ‘One & Only’ (another word for husband) but with the addition of a puppy. One who would grow up believing I was her ‘One & Only’. I like the idea, but!

My puppy would be reliant on me for her care and welfare. So, I had to consider the responsibilities before taking a giant leap into puppy world.

First, I researched the topic. Organisation of information in my professional work role happened via filing systems. Nothing has changed. I have left my working life behind, but not the habits. I have a file full of puppy information. From what it takes to be a puppy owner, to the differing breeds and profiles.

If you are like me, considering a puppy, first consider your responsibilities. To decide if you are right for a puppy in your life first check your readiness. There is a lot to do to be a responsible puppy owner.

The dog might look cute as a puppy but what about when it grows up. A dog has ongoing care and welfare needs. Then there are those vet fees, pet insurance, puppy equipment and accessories. Then the potty and behaviour training – are you up to it? Am I up to it? It is just like having a child. If we decide to have a puppy it should be her forever home.

Smart Puppy and Dog Buyer’s Checklist

To help me with my decision-making of welcoming a puppy into my life, the first step was going to my file. I looked through all the information and found the RSPCA ‘Smart Puppy and Dog Buyer’s Checklist.’

It has great advice and helpful hints about avoiding a breeder that could be a front for a puppy farm. A puppy farm is run under inadequate conditions for the animals. Their interest is in profit, not puppies. They fall short of meeting the dogs behavioural, social, and physiological needs. Avoid these puppy farms at all costs. That is the only way they will go out of business.

The RSPCA website site is full of valuable information. From being prepared; the type of dog; where to get your dog; and caring for your dog.

If you are thinking of welcoming a pandemic puppy into your life the guide is a great help. It could encourage you to go on a new journey with your fur baby. Or it could put you off for life of ever having a puppy.

If you still want a puppy in your life, you could consider a mature dog. Then you can skip the potty and behaviour training. The answer could be adopting a preloved or rehomed pet. But this can come with its own problems. That is, if the matching is not done well.

Not all preloved dogs are unwanted. Some are available for adoption due to death or health of their owner. There are also situations when an older person is going into a care home that will not accept a dog.

This leads me to another great purpose to welcome a puppy into our lives.

A dog is good for our mental health

A dog is great therapy. Dogs have a calming influence on humans. They are good for our mental health for a number of reasons. They can reduce our stress, encourage us to exercise and cause us to have fun playing with them, training them, or teaching them tricks.

Once dogs become part of the family, they are affectionate and loyal. They are happy to see us and sad when we leave. As long as we feed, exercise, and keep our dog in good health they will reward us with hours of entertaining fun at home. A perfect pet choice for a pandemic.

It is not surprising that during the pandemic a puppy has been a ‘go to’ solution for loneliness and to keep mental health on an even keel. But more so, having a puppy has mutual benefits. The puppy will give the owner mood boosting benefits. The puppy will receive love, care, and attention. A pandemic puppy or a puppy at any time is a win-win situation for both owner and puppy.  

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