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Pass the word about passwords

With the technology of today, we all have passwords, passwords for this, passwords for that! We can end up with a hundred or more passwords and how do we keep a track of it all? Then there is the backup that google will do and store all our passwords for us. But is this secure?

A couple of months back my computer without any notice froze. I did all the online contortions I could and searched google for the answer (on our laptop). All of this without success. The home screen on my computer would not allow me to key in my password! After days of trying to work it out myself I called an “expert”. I went for a mobile service rather than having to have my computer, with all its secrets, taken away!

The hyperactive computer guy arrived and did his “thing”! He ran a program and as it may take more than 10 minutes I left him alone rather than look over his shoulder. In the meantime, he was checking the keyboard batteries and asking for replacements, even after I had told him the keyboard with the same batteries worked on my O&O’s computer, but not mine! I checked in a little while later. The computer was closed down, sorry, I will have to take it away. The hyperactive computer guy (maybe I should call him energetic?) then trundled off with my computer tower. When would I see it again?

The truth of the matter is I don’t have any secrets on my computer hard-drive apart from my passwords, lots of them! Fortunately, the important ones such as on-line banking and paypal I had coded. All my passwords were all on an excel spreadsheet on my hard-drive, without a password! Then there were all the other ones such as gmail, facebook, Qantas and my wordpress website. Do the “experts” peek at what is on a computer when they are fixing it? Is the temptation too great?

I begin to worry about my computer security at 3am in the morning. By 4am I was awake and changing my passwords on many sites (via the laptop). But then, all the changes were emailed to me on my outlook account which I had a short cut on my home screen computer without a password for access! If the “expert” was to peek he would see that I am serious about my online security.

There are so many ways our on-line security can be compromised these days. I then went about setting up on some sites a verification process. Each time I access the website I will get a text with a verification code. Then for other sites I will get an email telling me that my password has been changed and if it was not me, what to do about it. And so, it goes on! Now my passwords are stored on a USB not on my hard-drive. But is there another way? Voice or facial recognition could be the answer. I look forward to that day when I no longer need to keep a record of all my passwords. What about you? What words of guidance can you pass on to me about passwords? What do you think is the best way to manage passwords?

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  • bobwords2014Bob Wilson

    My time-honoured solution is an old hand-held digital diary which is itself password protected, so one password helps me find anything at all. There are risks with the browser systems that allows you to retain logins so they come up automatically. I routinely change Facebook and Twitter passwords and any online email accounts frequently as they are then ones which have a history of being hacked. It is a bother as more and more organisations want to you join up and provide a login and password. Timely blog KJ.

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