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Now that I have more time to experiment in the kitchen I dusted off my pasta maker that has been sitting on my shelf for years and with a few recipes in hand took the plunge into my pasta fiesta. After considering all the recipe options I decided to go with the simple option of eggs and tipo flour; one egg to 100gms of flour. The key is in the kneading and then working the pasta through the pasta machine. I did not realise that making pasta would be so much fun. It is made even more pleasurable with a glass of red wine. BJ joined in the celebration and started taking photos of this extraordinary event. The photo of the pasta on the plate was taken by me, only after I had begun eating did I realise I should record the occasion (hence the photo of half eaten homemade pasta and sauce). I am definitely going to continue making my own pasta. My next effort will include drying some for a later occasion however I expect there is nothing quite like pasta freshly made. Buon Appetito.

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