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Princesses Arrive at the Palace

The girls are alert and seem right at home
The girls are alert and seem right at home
The Princesses aka chickens/chooks arrived today at the Palace, a day early! Not any ordinary chickens these are ‘our girls’ the Princesses of Misty Springs. I was going to have 3 red and 2 black but when I saw the red ‘girls’ Lohmann chickens I had to have five of them. We could have managed six however as I want them to have plenty of space if they are cooped up for a day or two, five seemed liked the best number. We prepared the transport box lined with straw so they would be comfortable on the way back to their Palace. Of course, they travelled in the back seat of our BMW, nothing too good for our girls!! They seemed very happy as we drove the 4 kilometres home hardly making a sound. When we arrived they were all happily sitting down amongst the straw.
The Princesses in their Palace
The Princesses in their Palace
They busily explored their new environment, foraging in the sawdust (compliments of BJ from cutting wood with his chainsaw). For good measure I added some scattered straws. They seemed quite content. They had a big trip earlier in the day from Warwick so all together they were coping quite well. At dusk I put them in their roosting area (bedroom) one by one. I need to train the girls as to where they should go as none of them had ventured up the ramp to their rest room. Once they were all placed in the rest room there was a lot of clucking and carry on for a while. It is now dark and I dare not disturb them to check as to whether they are okay. The journey over to their Palace is about 80 metres away and it is cold. Apart from this I have to create some independency as they grow! I will be up early to let them out and check that they are alright. Does anyone else concern themselves about their chickens or am I on my own here? Not long until morning!!


  • Christine R

    Beautiful Princesses. I worry about our group when we are away, especially our little Bantam, Henrietta. She lives separately as our two ducks bully her. John has made her a little makeshift roost so she’s happy.

  • kjblogstraws

    Poor little Henrietta. As you mentioned previously, she does need a companion. Someone just like her!

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