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Seed purpose

I am reflecting on our purpose in life as we grow older. That is, what is our purpose as we age? Do we have a a purpose? Are you someone who is struggling to find a purpose? Some of you who read my articles are around my age. Many of you have retired or are near retirement from paid work. There is a life stage when we are paid for our work and a time afterwards when we are not paid. But we still work.

Some of us spend more time working after leaving the workforce (paid work). Many older people at this stage of their lives volunteer their time. It is in such endeavours that people find purpose. But this is not for everyone. Therefore, people look in all sorts of places to find purpose.

This coming week I am going to spend time thinking about and cultivating direction so that I develop a greater sense of purpose. I would like you to join me. Life is precious, as are the days, weeks and months. They slip away so quickly and before we know it we can look back to times that we were like a boat without a rudder. We are moving but mostly drifting around on the sea of life without a clear purpose.

It takes 83 days for a sunflower seed to flower. Think about what you and I can achieve in 83 days if we discover our ‘seed’ passion.

To help me in my exercise, and you also, if you want to participate, is to embrace the notion of ‘seed’ purpose. That is, taking small steps to find a greater sense of purpose. I could also call it a trip of discovery or a treasure hunt. But the idea is to start with something you are passionate about.

I am passionate about writing, playing with words to stimulate my imagination. However, I can be passionate about writing but how much time do I give each day to my craft? Am I being pulled away by other things that are not giving me creative satisfaction? If so, it is up to me to do something about it. My seed idea is to spend 30 minutes for five days over the coming week doing nothing but writing. Each side of the 30 minutes I will have a time of mediation or thinking time of 10 minutes. It is a time of uninterrupted reflection to get a clearer since of purpose.

When we age it is not time to down tools. It is time to pick up new ones. Find something we love to do and give this priority for at least three-five days of the week. I have a couple of questions to get us all going on our ‘seed’ purpose journey.

What brings you joy?

What energises you?

Does your direction in life need realignment? If so, what can you do about it?

I am starting from the point of gratitude for what I have rather than what I don’t have. Think on this for a while. If we concentrate on what we don’t have we will never reach a plateau of thankfulness for what we do have.

I wonder what I will come up with in the following week as I let my ‘seed’ idea grow and develop. I will let you know next week. Also, share with me and other readers what grew out of your ‘seed’ (your idea) and what you discovered about yourself and your purpose in life.

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