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Shoe lacing

Have you ever decided to clean your walking or running shoes, taken out the shoe laces and then wonder how to lace your shoes? I did it again this week. I took out the laces and later thought ‘Oh no’ where do the laces go!

Fortunately I have more than one pair of walking shoes, I worked out a long time ago that running is not healthy, so I walk! Even then I was not sure I had laced my older shoes the correct way. So I went online for advice. I found that the Adidas website most helpful. They offer advice on how to lace your sneakers, running shoes, basketball shoes, golf shoes and more!

When did lacing up our shoes get so complicated? I didn’t have any trouble when wearing laced shoes at school. Maybe children don’t have problems with shoe lacing. Does shoe lacing only become a problem when we get older?

Eating an elephant

When did you last eat an elephant? I have never had an elephant meal but there are people in African countries who enjoy eating elephant. It’s a delicacy.

When I talk about eating an elephant I do so metaphorically. I do this in the context of when I have a task to do that is seemingly overwhelming or will take a long time to achieve.

An elephant is a very large animal. African elephants can weigh between 4,000 – 7,000 kg.

So how do you eat an elephant? One meal at a time! If you had to eat an elephant the best way is to do so is progressively, just one meal at a time. Eventually, approached this way, the elephant will be all gone! No more meals left to eat!

For example, if I enroll in a creative writing course I can’t achieve this in one month if it is a two-year course. Using the metaphor of ‘Eating an elephant’ helps me move forward, one subject at a time until I finally achieve my goal. The elephant has been eaten.

Between the sheets

We spend a lot of time in bed sleeping and does it matter what type of bed sheets we choose? For me the answer is a resoundingly ‘Yes’! I like sheets that do not make a noise. I have a problem with percale sheets, they are too noisy. However, I just read a blog about percale vs sateen sheets. I found out that percale sheets can initially feel stiff and take a while to break in. Now I know what was happening when we stayed at that five star hotel all those years ago. The noisy sheets had not been broken in. Still more laundering required!

I always thought percale was a fabric. But no, it is a weave, just like sateen. I intended not to buy any percale weave sheets again but by mistake I did. Yes, another set of sheets that I don’t use. Maybe I need to keep washing them and eventually they will soften. Is it worth the trouble? Also, I have a doona tucked away in my linen cupboard with a percale covering. No one wants a ‘second hand’ doona.

Yes, these are some of the ‘other things’ we all have to manage in life, day by day. That is, apart from shoe lacing.

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