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Shooting Goals…

As a basketball player in my younger years I always loved shooting goals. Now, in my retirement years I am thinking about my goals for the rest of my life. How much time do I have for goal shooting now that I am over 60 years old! What about all this talk of government when they say “we are changing the rules in 2050″….will I care when I am in my 90’s….no probably not! All I have to do is plan what I am doing now and do it to make my life and those I love happier, if that is possible. Quite happy now with my “One & Only” and the “Princesses”. Since my last post I answered all the questions I set for myself. The aim is to respond to these quickly without too much though. Not that I was surprised by my answers but translating my goals goals and dreams into reality has become a test in itself e.g. how do I become more settled and content in my retirement years? Good question KJ! It is time to do more review of the goals and break these down into sub goals that are achievable. I realise that I have to be passionate about what I am doing and then it will make it easier to achieve i.e. execute my goals. I will share with you more as I go along. In the meantime be encouraged in your life goals by the following:

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