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I am still finalising my goals for 2019 and to do this I am using the SMART model. Even though I am working on my “B” year – for example, one of my goals is “I will B healthy in 2019”. But what does that mean and how will I achieve the goal?

This year I am not making any New Year’s resolutions. I am replacing these with goal setting. Not just any ordinary goal-setting but identifying specific and action-oriented goals.

Goal setting is nothing new to businesses and organisations but not everyone sets personal goals. Some of us may have random ideas about what we want to achieve but never commit to writing these down.

If we write down our goals our chances of achieving these increases by at least 30%. A good reason to follow through and write down our goals.

The SMART 5-Step formula or model is easy to follow. Goals must be S – specific, clear; M – measurable, meaningful, motivational; A – attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented; R – relevant; and T – time tracked.

I don’t know if you are like me, but I have a tendency to say “I would like to……” which is not the right approach. When goal planning it has to be more positive and specific. Therefore, I am replacing my “would like to” with “I will……”. If I am not specific and identify actions to achieve the goal, then I must take the step to remove the goal altogether. Fundamentally, I am not committed to it!

This year I am going to motivate myself by putting reminders into my phone – prompts to keep me on track. Once I get the reminder then the plan is to take time-out and review my progress. Setting time-frames sets things in motion however without a review I could stagnate – inertia may creep in! How about you?

What other ideas do you have to share that can motivate me and others to achieve our goals in 2019?

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