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Still tidying up

It does not seem to matter how I approach organising my home as at the end of the day I am still tidying up! If you are still tidying up at the end of the day or the end of the week, don’t despair. It is a normal part of life. It is better to be tidying up then letting all the clutter gather around you.

When I was growing up my paternal grandmother, aunts and later an uncle all lived in the same rambling Queenslander at Cannon Hill, Brisbane. Verandah on three sides. My sisters and I loved exploring when we stayed there on school holidays. There was always another cupboard to poke our nose into! While it was wonderful there was not much tidying up happening. My grandmother’s routine, apart from preparing and cleaning up after meals was to sweep the kitchen, very large dining room and the hall. The floors with their easy care and well-worn linoleum. Newspapers were not thrown away they were piled high on a coffee table close to the dining table! Then another pile would appear somewhere else. I always wondered what happened to all those newspapers when one day I visited and discovered they had all disappeared. Someone had come along and decided to tidy up!

After I came back home a few weeks back following my mother’s passing, I looked around our home and realised over the next week I would be still tidying up. The next day I cleaned out and reorganised the fridge.

After I tidied up the fridge it looked like there was no room for anything more. But, we have a back-up, a second fridge/freezer in our garage, only metres away. After we moved house early 2016 we discovered our fridge/freezer did not fit and we had to buy a new one for the space. It was an easier solution. We are glad we kept the old one!

The following day I did the KonMari approach and took out all my clothes, the ones I had decided to keep and piled them on the bed. It was late in the afternoon and I soon realised I may have made a mistake leaving it so late, given my O&O and I had to sleep in the bed that night! However, what it did was motivate me even more and I moved quickly through the task and well before dinner the job was done! Two bags of clothes for the bin and two bags of clothes for the Op Shop. I also had time to organise my O&O and my sock drawer. I could hardly wait until the next morning to hear his comment when he opened the drawer for a fresh pair of socks. His response – ‘you folded my socks funny’! Even though they are folded differently he is happy if I want to keep folding his socks the KonMari way.

His socks folded funny! He only likes one type of sock as you can tell.

I hoped the Op Shops were still taking clothing given I was told by a sales assistant at Harbour Town, Gold Coast, that the KonMari effect is inundating Op Shops and some of them are no longer taking clothes! My sister Christine and I went to Harbour Town on the same day our mother passed away. We had the choice of going to bed mid-morning after spending the night with our mother or showering and walking around the shops. We decided on the shops. It was good therapy for us and we both bought a piece of Villeroy & Bosch, fine porcelain china, in memory of the day and of our mother. Another piece I have to find a place for! But the china bowl did ‘spark joy’ therefore there was very little choice. It has flowers all around and as I called my mother ‘Sweet Flower’ it is a significant piece of china to add to my collection.

My Villeroy & Boch fine china bowl. In memory of ‘Sweet Flower’.

By the end of today what will I be doing? Maybe still tidying up and I guess you might be doing the same. The satisfaction is that our homes will look better, and you and I will definitely feel better about the way we choose to live. Even if at sunset, we are still tidying up!

This may look like a small purse however it was one of my mother’s night dresses. I folded it her for her the KonMari way. Very neat!

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