• Life Matters

    The problem with Groupthink

    There are few of us who will not have been influenced by Groupthink, at one time or another. Do you believe you are a free thinker? Someone that always thinks for yourself? Do you critically evaluate differing views? Or is it time to think again? The Groupthink phenomena is present everywhere. Whether or not we get caught up in Groupthink depends on our ability to assess the evidence, not just the views of others. Another factor is whether or not we believe that dissent is an option. Also, is there coercion or propaganda enticing us to follow the group majority and conform?   COVID-19 and Groupthink Even though we are…

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    Health Matters

    Are the anti-vaxxers vexatious?

    We are in the middle of a world-wide pandemic with people dying, so why are there anti-vaxxers? What motivates them? Are they vexatious by nature and is the Coronavirus simply another cause? And where do they get their information that COVID-19 vaccinations are dangerous? My attention was bought to this issue from a Facebook friend who had been influenced by a local community leader, a politician, and an anti-vaxxer. He believes there is a conspiracy behind the vaccine and the vaccination program. Other information proliferating in communities is that the vaccine is a spreader of  the virus. Therefore, if you get the vaccination, you get the infection. Then there are…