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    COVID-19: The pivot and pirouette

    I am looking forward to the time when I no longer have the inclination to write about COVID-19. But as it is foremost in my mind it is my topic once again. The buzz word about business is how they can pivot and keep afloat with little or no income. Or do they need to pirouette? Will they survive the economic and mental health impact of extended lockdowns? Some small businesses in the hospitality and tourism sector will not make it. Also, smaller retail outlets. It does not matter how much they pivot it will not help. Even a pirouette, a full turn around, it will not help. Business capital…

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    The problem with Groupthink

    There are few of us who will not have been influenced by Groupthink, at one time or another. Do you believe you are a free thinker? Someone that always thinks for yourself? Do you critically evaluate differing views? Or is it time to think again? The Groupthink phenomena is present everywhere. Whether or not we get caught up in Groupthink depends on our ability to assess the evidence, not just the views of others. Another factor is whether or not we believe that dissent is an option. Also, is there coercion or propaganda enticing us to follow the group majority and conform?   COVID-19 and Groupthink Even though we are…

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    Incentives, information, influencer’s, and the COVID-19 vaccine.

    For a time in Australia, we thought we were safe from COVID-19. But now with the new Delta variant there has been a new awakening. But not for all. Some are still not convinced COVID-19 is a deadly virus. Therefore, what is the best way to convince people to get the vaccine? Incentives, information, or influencer’s? Incentives Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America (US) is encouraging US States to offer a $100 cash incentive for people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. US Federal workers are required to show proof of vaccination or have to participate in mandatory testing and mask wearing. Under half of the US…

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    The life of a cynic in a pandemic

    A cynic is a person who always see’s life as having negative consequences. This is before they actually happen! If this is so, then living with a pandemic have many of us developed the personality traits of a cynic? We keep away from certain areas in our community just in case we get infected with COVID-19. We wear masks. We social distance. We do not have as many people over to our place, as before the pandemic. Sometimes a mask is mandatory. But what about times when it is not? Are these people cynics – believing the worst might happen? We wait for the news. We watch, we listen. What…

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    A COVID calamity

    We all have our share of calamities in life. But right now, individuals, families and communities are sharing a major calamity. A COVID calamity. The effects of movement restrictions, lockdowns in Australia and across the world is having an impact. We have a worldwide problem to solve. How do we live with COVID? Living within a COVID normal environment leaves no one untouched. For those struggling with mental illness the pandemic has been an unwelcome factor in their lives. For those who were living a carefree life without mental illness, many are now suffering from anxiety and depression. Mostly caused by financial problems, unemployment, loss of housing and isolation. Unconsciously,…

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    Our COVID-19 recreational drive

    After hearing the news we could take a recreational drive up to 50 kilometres, we planned our first post COVID-19 outing. My One & Only (O&O), Matt and I talked about where we would go. As the topic a few days earlier had been around fishing spots near Toowoomba we decided to go to Lake Cooby (37 kms away). The lake is stocked with silver perch, golden perch, and Murray cod. We wanted to check out if this was a good place for my O&O and Matt to hook a fresh fish dinner. On Wednesday morning we were extremely excited about the outing, a longer trip than the few kilometres…

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    And the birds still sing

    There have been many changes in our lives over the past couple of months and we are all making adjustments to life – at home. Despite this, some things remain the same. The other morning when I awoke I heard the sweet melody of birds outside the bedroom window. The birds continue on with their lives as usual. They are unaffected by COVID-19. They have no restrictions on their activities. And yes, the birds still sing. What’s up these Easter holidays As the birds still sing, others across the world are joining in, singing. Well known entertainers are live streaming their songs and encouraging others to ‘hang in’ during the…

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    Courage mingled with vulnerabilities (CV)

    What a difference a few months can make. No longer do we have control over where we go and what we do. The coronavirus, COVID-19, CV for short, is controlling us. I am now controlled by the government and the rules of movement and social behaviour. But I do not mind, these are in place for my protection and to protect those I love. Therefore, I have to face the world with another form of CV – courage mingled with my vulnerabilities. The level of control and the change CV has bought into my life was evident to me yesterday when we visited the pharmacy and the supermarket. We arrived…

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    Keep calm and wash your hands

    In the midst of what’s happening in our communities with the Coronavirus, COVID-19, should we panic? We are told there is no need to panic. Even though the virus is now declared by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a pandemic. Should we just keep calm and wash our hands? No, we need to do more! As a senior social observer my eyes and ears are attuned to advice from medical experts and the government. I am sure you are like me and want to protect yourself from the virus. Therefore, I was interested in the decisions of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting held yesterday in Sydney in…