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    Life Matters

    The heartbreaking reality of coronavirus, COVID-19

    The heartbreaking stories caused by the coronavirus, COVID-19 are immense. Every day I watch television and hear them. But are the media concentrating too much on people’s discontent. When the focus should be on how Australia is avoiding a major outbreak of the virus. Entry into Queensland denied As a older Australian I recognise that people are hurting. They are unable to attend a loved ones funeral. Unable to visit a loved one who is dying in hospital or in aged care. But this is the cost we all must pay to save lives. It might sound heartless but funerals are not for the dead, they are for the living.…

  • Short stories

    No second chance

    Once the coronavirus restrictions were lifted and café’s opened Alison and I met for lunch in Toowoomba at the Parkhouse Café. I patted down my windswept hair as I walked into the café, elated that I was catching up with my bestie after months of home isolation. I looked around the café, the tables were scattered sparsely across the café floor. I had to wait to be seated and the disposable paper menu was handed to me at the table. It was different to other occasions when the café was a buzz with diners and people lined up at the counter to order. I kept reminding myself not to hug…