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    Life Day By Day

    New Year’s Eve

    The 2020 New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to reminisce about all our past New Year Eve’s. Due to our COVID-19 normal world our New Year’s Eve celebrations will be different tonight. Some of us will celebrate more of the same tonight, while others will be disappointed to wind back their plans as they have to stay at home. Yet, could my situation and yours be better this year in our COVID-19 world? Even in a world without fire works in many capital cities in Australia? This year we have lowered our expectations. The dinner-dance you booked has changed. You can still have the dinner, but you cannot dance.…

  • Short stories

    The carnival is over

    ‘Turn down the volume’ she cried. All she wants to do is rest. There were times when music bought joy into her life. The passion, the emotion. But now, all she asks for is quietness, peace. She wants others to understand but does not explain. Her silence speaks volumes to me, it is loud and unexpected. Hence, when there is a request to turn down the volume, it is not questioned. She looks at the photo sitting on the wine table in the corner. It may have once been home to bottles of wine, and a random feather from her scarf. It was a sign of good times. But now…