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    Life Day By Day

    New Year’s Eve

    The 2020 New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to reminisce about all our past New Year Eve’s. Due to our COVID-19 normal world our New Year’s Eve celebrations will be different tonight. Some of us will celebrate more of the same tonight, while others will be disappointed to wind back their plans as they have to stay at home. Yet, could my situation and yours be better this year in our COVID-19 world? Even in a world without fire works in many capital cities in Australia? This year we have lowered our expectations. The dinner-dance you booked has changed. You can still have the dinner, but you cannot dance.…

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    Life Day By Day

    Good decisions/bad decisions

    We all make decisions every day, some are good decisions and some are bad decisions. With some decisions we will know right away whether it was a good or a bad decision. For other decisions we have to wait a while to find out! Good decisions This morning I made a good decision, the one not to get up too early. If you read my article from last week then you will know about the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule. That is, we have five seconds to make a decision. If we have not acted on the decision in five seconds than our brain switches off. We have lost…

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    A Final Farewell

    Yesterday it was time to say a final farewell to my mother. My siblings and I gathered for the occasion at the Helidon Cemetery. It was a small gathering including partners and the two youngest children of my brother Michael, Jaylen and Maia. My sister Christine and her husband John travelled from Malanda on the Atherton Tableland, the longest distance, so that we could all be together to fulfill our mother’s wishes. Our dear mother, Valma Jean, asked for her ashes to be scattered at the cemetery in Helidon. There are two cemetery’s at Helidon, the Roman Catholic one and the general one at 6 Cemetery Road, on top of…

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    12 Rules for Living

    My topic this time has more than ONE word! But as I always say, “If I make the rules, I can break the rules”! Now and again I will have a topic with ONE word, but for now I might leave it behind for a while. If you are familiar with “12 Rules for Living” the name Jordan Peterson will mean something to you. Jordan is a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. I have listened to one of his interviews and he is a very commanding speaker. Right now, Jordan is on his “12 Rules for Life” speaking tour across Australia. I can’t make…