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    COVID-19: The pivot and pirouette

    I am looking forward to the time when I no longer have the inclination to write about COVID-19. But as it is foremost in my mind it is my topic once again. The buzz word about business is how they can pivot and keep afloat with little or no income. Or do they need to pirouette? Will they survive the economic and mental health impact of extended lockdowns? Some small businesses in the hospitality and tourism sector will not make it. Also, smaller retail outlets. It does not matter how much they pivot it will not help. Even a pirouette, a full turn around, it will not help. Business capital…

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    Cabin Fever and COVID-19

    Spending too much time alone or confined indoors can bring on cabin fever. The term cabin fever is not a medically diagnosed illness, however it is a recognised condition. The lockdown we are experiencing in our homes due to COVID-19, apart from going out for essential services, can bring on cabin fever. I believe most of us are aware of the importance of following the COVID-19 regulations, including social distancing, to keep us all safe from the virus. That is, apart from the young woman at the supermarket, when I asked my One & Only (O&O) to step back at the checkout, told me it was all a load of…

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    The Power of Flour

    More people during the coronavirus lockdown have discovered the power of flour. There is so much you can do with flour. Now that people are spending more time at home they are experimenting in the kitchen and making their own bread, cakes, pasta, or pizza. If you have young children you can also use flour to make play dough. I made it for my son when he was young (he is now in his 40s)! The tactile experience of play dough is good for children. It enhances their fine motor skills, is very calming and develops their creative skills. It is an activity that grandparents could do with grandchildren, but…