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    The mystery of the missing banana

    Getting out and experiencing nature is a great past-time. My One & Only (O&O) and me did this during the week and went for a drive and picnic to Ravensbourne National Park. It is around a 40-minute drive from Toowoomba. We always enjoy a BBQ lunch when going on a picnic. There are wood BBQ’s at Ravensbourne but, on this occasion, we decided to take a picnic lunch. Our lunch was simple, sandwiches (homemade bread) and curried eggs (eggs from our hens). Add a thermos of hot water for a cup of tea, fresh strawberries, and a chocolate treat and we were ready to go. But no, what about a…

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    Short stories

    Blue eyes

    He had the most piercing blue eyes. His silver-grey hair telling a deceptive story, given he was only in the fourth decade of his life. Olive skin, sun tanned and with a sparkling smile. So, I was not surprised when Sue said, ‘He is awe-fully good looking! We both laughed. Sue was old enough to be his mother but that did not stop her from recognising his good looks. Yet, he was not only a good-looking man with blue eyes and great physical features. He was also good natured, generous, helpful, and thoughtful. He came as a great package of humankind. The kind of person you would like to call…