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The Backyard

In my lifetime I have lived in many houses, all with a backyard. I live in Queensland where we have perfect weather to spend time outdoors. Therefore, it is no surprise to me that our Premier wants to keep our backyard, Queensland, free of COVID-19. While tourism is feeling the pain of the lockdown, there could be more pain ahead if Queensland opens its border too early. Even though New South Wales and Victoria borders remain open to one another, they are the worst affected states. On the Darling Downs, where I live, we have not had a COVID-19 case for over 40 days. I do not want to see a situation whereby we have new cases of the virus, all imported from other states.

Queensland has a great backyard

For Queenslanders, our backyard is about to expand as local holiday destinations reopen. From the outback, to the beach to the far north, there is a great big backyard waiting for all of us to explore. In Queensland we have deserts, the tropics, and sub-tropics – a smorgasbord of choice. I could easily frolic in the sand-dunes of the Munga-Thirri–Simpson Desert Conservation Park and enjoy dinner under the canopy of the desert night, lying back, and watching millions of stars as they shine, uninterrupted by city lights?

Every year around this time, until recently, people would hitch their caravan to their vehicle and take a trip. However, given that we have flattened the coronavirus curve in Queensland, it will not be long before day trippers, grey nomads and others will hit the road to find a new backyard to enjoy.

Where will the road take us?

I am a grey nomad who likes to wander around my home backyard. I like to keep it simple, no caravan, no campervan. Although, I love to holiday. If you have read other articles you will know that I put considerable time into finding the perfect holiday location. It has to be functional, a great outlook, and clean! Creature comforts are at the top of the list, as is a BBQ and a fireplace for the cooler weather. In the meantime, while living through COVID-19, more of us are discovering and enjoying our own backyard.

Exploring our own backyard

At our place we have different backyard areas on our quarter of an acre, all with a purpose. I love our backyard. We have a covered area for outdoor dining and an uncovered deck, a place to sit and gaze at the stars at night. We just bought new outdoor furniture for our deck. It is our coronavirus reward, for staying at home! Our movable firepit adds ambiance as the flames move and dance to their own rhythm.

One side of our house is allocated to our mini urban farm. Urban farm is stretching the truth a little, however we have room to grow a few vegetables, herbs and our dwarf fruit trees. My One&Only (O&O) and I love the flavour of our home-grown potatoes.

Part of our urban veggie garden.

My O&O is growing snow peas, spring onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. Matt (my son), living with us due to COVID-19, has tomatoes, coriander, and basil, all grown from seed. We also have an abundance of chilli’s and the Panama passionfruit vine I planted in the chicken run is filled with ripening fruit. Then there is our backyard chickens, Molly, Polly, and Dolly, who provide us with eggs and fertiliser for our garden. Our own little oasis, the backyard!

Our passionfruit vine is blooming with fruit. Molly, Polly and Dolly looking at me taking the photo and hoping for a treat. They love to eat the passionfruit leaves.

How about you? Has your coronavirus experience lead you to discover the joy only to be found in the backyard, your own backyard?

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