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The Cat Agrees

If you are a cat person I am sure you will agree that cats are great to live with. If you treat your cat well then the cat agrees that living life with you is rather good! Or are you living with them?

The cat is a very agreeable animal. I know this because when I used a speech recognition software I continually saw on the page ‘the cat agrees.’ I was researching and writing a thesis. To save time it was an attractive option to use a speech recognition program. I bought the Dragon software and it was excellent at recognising my voice and converting the voice to text on the page.

My problems with the software was minimal. I only had a few hiccups and one of these was when I said, ‘the cat agrees.’ However, I was not saying the ‘the cat agrees’ but ‘categories.’ But that was back in 2005 and 14 years later the software program has improved and has more features.

Dragon Professional allows for dictation on the go and enhances a busy person’s efficiency. If I was still at work I would include it in my tool kit. Driving back from a meeting I would be able to dictate an email or write a report. The next day all I would have to do is check the content and press the send button. I am sure the cat agrees a voice recognition software is a great time saving device for a busy professional!

But for those who are no longer in the workforce you might agree that a cat is a great family pet. My sister Trish and her husband Jason have two Sphynx cats. They are a unique breed and only suitable for indoors. The breed requires special attention and you must love the hairless and wrinkled look. Sphynx cats have great personalities. They are friendly, loyal and energetic. They are big show-offs who love to climb, jump and play hide and seek.

This is Blink pretending not to like wine! Trish and Jason live with him at his place!

There are some people who believe that dogs are better than cats. But then cat owners believe cats are better than dogs. To settle the argument whether a cat or dog is a better pet, could we ask them? The dog might give an enthusiastic bark, but the cat knows best and in their best feline way they will tell you ‘the cat agrees’ – cats are better!

Here is Yoda acting nonchalant. Thinking about what mischief he can get up to next! Blink and Yoda gets loads of attention and are very much loved.

As Terry Pratchett said ‘In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.’

What do you think? Do you fall into the cat category or the dog category or just love both?

P.S. A little bit of fun for me on a Sunday afternoon and Happy Birthday Trish for tomorrow.

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