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The Circle of Life

My interest in the topic ‘The Circle of Life’ came about this past week as I was thinking about how we live our lives. We live in the world we create, in our own circle. Our circle includes family, work, learning, health, social, spiritual and community. This is our circle of life. Do we stay in our own circle of life or do we venture out into anothers circle? Do we invite others in and keep others out? It is our choice. We are the masters of our circle of life, what we create and how we live.

Eventhough we create our own circle of life we are all connected. We cannot live alone in our journey from the cradle to the grave. We all experience good times and bad times. The good times are to be celebrated as this helps us cope with the bad times. The memories of the good times gives us hope for the future.

We all have experiences, many we cannot escape, in our own circle of life. There are some that are within our control and others out of our control. I realise it is better if I use my energy on matters that are in my control, rather than wasting it on things I cannot influence.

What are the things we can control? We can control many of our daily activites. We can control the type of person we become through our choices. We decide what values and belief systems we adopt in our circle of life. We have control over how we spend our money, where we travel for holidays, goals to keep us healthy, the time we spend on meditation or prayer, and the time we put into personal development and learning.

There are other matters out of my control but yet are important to me. There is the high level of personal and community debt.  The slowing economy. What will this mean for all of us in the future? Then there are rising house prices and the cost of health insurance. These are some of the challenges faced by many in our community. I might be concerned about such matters, but I have little influence to change the status quo.  

In the midst of all this where I am spending my time and my energy? I can only know if I develop self-awareness. I must understand what is happening in my circle of life and what I can influence? It will not help me if I put all my time and energy into matters that I have little influence over. If I do this I will have no time or energy to focus on matters in my circle of life that I can influence.

Do I have any influence over the Tamil family deportation? I can sign the petition. I can send a tweet to the Prime Minister. Yet, I have little influence. If I went to Melbourne and joined the protesters would that make a difference? If enough people did this it could make a difference?

Put up your hands if you want the Tamily family, Nades, Priya and their two girls to stay in Australia.

We have more influence when we join together as one to bring about change. But when the matter is to do with rule of law my influence is negligible. In the Tamil family matter the Australian Courts and the Federal Government have the only influence in the outcome. If the Federal Minister used his discretionary power earlier and let the Tamil family stay, they and others would now be living happily in their circle of life in Biloela.

I hope the family get to stay. The girls Kopika 4 years and Tharnicaa 2 years know of no other community. They know no other home. The only friends the family have live in Biloela. How courageous are the people of Biloela that they put aside all the matters in their own circle of life. They are doing all they can to influence change for this young Tamil family.

This is a wonderful example of people moving outside of their circle of life. People who are prepared to put aside their own needs for a time and move inside another’s circle of life. Can they influence change? The nation is watching and waiting.

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