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The door of opportunity

Is the door or opportunity something we find, or does it sometimes pass us by before we notice? I have pondered this at times and hope as time moves on that I do not miss the door of opportunity.

The door of opportunity can come into our lives in many forms. In a job or business, a partner, choosing friends, choosing a home or holiday, where we live, what sports, hobbies, or craft we will invest our time in. What door do we step into and if we find ourselves in an unacceptable situation do we have the courage to step outside the door? Sometimes in our lives we must take the step outside into a new and unfamiliar place, waiting for the next door of opportunity. In life it is not just about taking a step into the door of opportunity we must continually assess whether where we are is the best place.

This is what you would have seen when you stepped inside our front door a few years back – yes it was Christmas time!

Years ago, I made a decision to step inside a door of opportunity that presented itself in my life. It was a new situation, with new people, a community of common minds but I was not enjoying the experience. Are you like me? Do you have the tendency to try and make the best of a situation thinking it will get better, rather than taking action to change it? Then a good friend said to me “is it doing you any good”? The answer was no. It was not adding to or enhancing my life, so I made the decision to step outside the door and wait for another door of opportunity.

On a lighter note. When looking after my heritage hens my task every night was to entice them into their coop and close the door – to keep them safe. In the morning I opened the door to let them out. They had no opportunity to come and go themselves. They were reliant on me to open the door! I began to think there must be a better way and there was. I ordered an automatic door for the coop. My O&O (one & only) and I then installed the door. He did the manual labour and I supervised! We shared the painting. The mechanism is inside the coop and away from the elements. It has been in place for months now and the timer can be changed to suit the waking habits of the hens. Hens awake at sunrise, then they are off to bed at sunset. Their routine never changes! For me, my bedtime routine does change. By having the automatic door means that I no longer need to get up early on a cold winter’s Toowoomba morning, just to let the hens out of their coop! I loved that door of opportunity – to buy the automatic door. It is a great thing I did not let that opportunity pass me by.

Before the automatic door was installed.
After the automatic door was installed.

Many of us have a tendency to dwell on the past, but there is nothing we can do to change it. If we missed a door of opportunity, the moment is gone. All we can do is wait and look for a new door of opportunity in the here and now. If I have taken a door of opportunity and then things do not work out all I can do is to build on what I have learnt and then look for a new door of opportunity. Perhaps the door of opportunity is always before us and all we must do is find it? When we are ready, will the door of opportunity open automatically? What do you think?

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