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The heartbreaking reality of coronavirus, COVID-19

The heartbreaking stories caused by the coronavirus, COVID-19 are immense. Every day I watch television and hear them. But are the media concentrating too much on people’s discontent. When the focus should be on how Australia is avoiding a major outbreak of the virus.

Entry into Queensland denied

As a older Australian I recognise that people are hurting. They are unable to attend a loved ones funeral. Unable to visit a loved one who is dying in hospital or in aged care. But this is the cost we all must pay to save lives.

It might sound heartless but funerals are not for the dead, they are for the living. And at times like this the living sometimes have to find another way to grieve. If not, more people will die alone. Their burial will be without any family or friends.

What would it feel like for a loved one to be taken for burial in a military truck? For their body entombed with others for the safety of the living. In these circumstances there are no funerals. This is happening today in other parts of the world, outside Australia.

The media focus

Is it time for the media to concentrate on the good results of lockdowns and border closures? Without the drastic steps taken with border closures and lockdowns more people would be dead. Not only the elderly, but people of all ages. There would not be 37 new cases and six deaths in the last 24 hours in Victoria. Add a few zeros on to both of those numbers.

In March 2020 Italian city of Bergamo gave a warning to the world.

Warnings from other countries

There are warnings about the dangers of the cornavirus from other countries. Such as Italy and Brazil. The media could do more with broadcasting the distressing news when the virus gets out of hand. Without lockdowns many of the living will be one of the deadly statistics.

The United Kingdom opened up their economy and then had to rein it it. The champagne was flowing at the Doncaster Racecourse on day one of a four day program. But by day two with new COVID-19 restrictions the event closed down. The only people taking hold of the reins were the jockeys!

Politics and the coronavirus

There is much finger pointing about decision-making and who is to blame for an outbreak. Tension is rising and the political blame game has begun. But no one wants to experience what happened in Italy and is happening in other places.

Warning: you may find the content of this video distressing.

Should there be more stories celebrating those who are making the tough decisions. The decisions that are keeping people alive.

There is too much of ‘what about me’ from the community. Yes, well ‘what about you?’ If you are alive you have much to be thankful for. Yet people are hurting economically. Businesses are shut down and yes it is heartbreaking. It is a juggle between staying alive and keeping the economy alive. A matter of life and death. Such decisions are not easy.

The coronavirus heartbreaking reality

I saw a woman holding a protest sign in Victoria. It said ‘No endemic.’ I gather she thought the news about the spread of the coronavirus was propaganda. Others think the same. They need an injection of reality. This is where the media could step in.

Ask anyone who has recovered from COVID-19 what it was like. Ask those who have lost a loved one in this panademic what it is like. It is heartbreaking. The fewer that get the virus the better.

If this virus gets out of control the hospitals will be unable to manage the demand. Like what happened in Italy and what is happening now in India.

In Australia do we want to see people dying in hospital corridors? Or dying unattended in their beds at home waiting for the undertaker. Buried in a hurry with others in a mass grave.

Then there are the hospital staff. They are our heroes. None of them should die because they are helping others live.

There are only so many health and people resources. There are only so many ambulances. Our resources are limited.

This is a deadly virus that needs disarming. If lockdowns and border closures are the way to achieve this, then we must all pay the price. The other option is to pay the price in lost lives. In this situation the loss and grief will be insurmountable. A mountain of heartbreaking reality.

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