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The mystery of the missing banana

Getting out and experiencing nature is a great past-time. My One & Only (O&O) and me did this during the week and went for a drive and picnic to Ravensbourne National Park. It is around a 40-minute drive from Toowoomba.

We always enjoy a BBQ lunch when going on a picnic. There are wood BBQ’s at Ravensbourne but, on this occasion, we decided to take a picnic lunch. Our lunch was simple, sandwiches (homemade bread) and curried eggs (eggs from our hens). Add a thermos of hot water for a cup of tea, fresh strawberries, and a chocolate treat and we were ready to go. But no, what about a banana? My O&O had everything in the car except me and his banana. The banana, a last-minute addition to our picnic basket.

My O&O is exceptionally good in his preparation for day trips. Then there is the excitement of doing something different and getting out of the house. Our day trips have been irregular this year. We got into the COVID_19 routine of staying at home.  

The rainforest circuit walk.

We arrived at Ravensbourne National Park in time to do the Rainforest Circuit walk (1.7km) before lunch. It was so peaceful, walking in the rainforest. We were the only ones there. Small birds were twittering, sounding better than all those trolling tweets from twits on social media. Then the sound of the eastern whipbird, a sound I love. The fresh air and quietness of the rainforest enveloped us. A piece of paradise close to where we live.

Trees reaching towards the sun.
The only sound in the rainforest was the song of the birds.

Then I had a text from Telstra telling us know we may not be able to make phone calls. After the text I had a momentary vision of my O&O lying amidst the ferns with a broken ankle as I ran off to the car for a drive to the nearest farmhouse. Fortunately, that did not happen, and we emerged from the forest to find other day trippers. One couple had taken our choice of picnic table. We forgot to put out the reserved sign! Never mind we found a table with a better view and settled in for lunch.

After our sandwiches and tea my O&O asked me to pass him the banana. I could not find it anywhere. It was not in the picnic basket or the esky. He had a look, and no he could not find it either. His conclusion was that he had left it on the kitchen bench at home.  

When we arrived home, we could not find the missing banana. The day before I had bought 4 bananas. They were joined together. I checked the fruit bowl and there were only three bananas. We spent the next 20 minutes looking for the missing banana. We did not like the thought of a banana growing old under the front car seat or in the picnic basket. My O&O thought he might have put the banana on the backseat. Did he put it down when he put on his shoes? Did it drop from his hand and it slid under the car? He cried out ‘bring me a torch.’ We looked in every nook and cranny and never found the banana.

Our only conclusion is that my O&O placed the banana on the roof of the car. Did the banana slip off the car roof after we drove off? Was it now food for those magnificent Yellow-crested cockatoos? These birds are regular visitors to our backyard bird bath. We know they like to eat fruit as this year they helped themselves to our passionfruit. Still, the mystery of the missing banana is not solved. If it ever turns up, I will let you know.

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