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The Power of the Flower

The power of the flower is not a myth, there is truth in the power of the flower. Flowers have mood enhancing ability. Flowers make us feel better.

The Power of the Flower is the theme for this years Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. It is the longest running horticultural event in Australia. It is now in its 70th year and the perfect time to join in the celebrations. The Carnival commences tomorrow Friday 20th and continues until the 29th September. With over 150 parks in Toowoomba it is easy to get out and about and amongst the flowers to experience the power of the flower.

A garden bed of tulips.

Growing up in Toowoomba I grew up with the Carnival. It was an exciting part of the year and something to look forward to. There is much to see, do and experience at the Carnival of Flowers. Today there is more colour, excitement and glamour than ever. From dinners in the park, progressive dinners, the food and wine festival, garden tours and the Night Garden there is something for everyone.

Magical paths to take you into another world are found in Toowoomba.

If you are a visitor to Toowoomba for this years Carnival then you can enjoy a meander down the lanes and backstreets. Take time out to look at the work of talented artists. Download the murals map and find out more about the artists. Then why not stop for a coffee or something to eat? You might be surprised what Toowoomba’s café scene has to offer.

Last week I had lunch in Queens Park Botanic Gardens with my One & Only (O&O). Afterwards I took a walk with my camera. The gardens look wonderful this year, despite the drought. Every year the park speaks its beauty to our senses, our eyes, our smell, our hearing, and touch.

One of the entrances to Queens Park Botanic Gardens.
A glimpse of flowers beds – Queens Park Botanical Gardens 2019

When we are amongst flowers and plants it is much easier to remain in the present. Wandering amongst trees, shrubs and flowers our focus is on the colour, the fragrance, the visual experience. Then when there are birds singing and bees humming our hearing is tuned in to what is happening in the moment. Nature talks!

The Parterre Garden, Queens Park Botanic Gardens.
There is power in the flower.

Spring in Toowoomba is a great time of the year. Do you want to put a spring in your step? If so, there is no better place to do it then getting out amongst the flowers in Toowoomba. Whether a local or a visitor you will discover there is power in the flower.


  • Tracey@BountifulLife

    Looks amazing Kathryn! We will be up during second week of October for a wedding, even tho the carnival will be over will it still be a good time to visit the Botanic Garden?

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