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The Rose

The rose is a beautiful flower and many roses have a delightful fragrance. Years ago, I read a great quote about the rose. It said, ‘A rose does not preach, it merely spreads its fragrance’. I am reminded of the beauty of the rose as Mother’s Day is celebrated this Sunday.

In many countries, including Australia, Mother’s Day is held on the second Sunday of May. This tradition began in 1908 when Anna Jarvis an American woman first held a memorial service for her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis. Anna Jarvis wanted a day set aside for mothers to be honoured given her belief that a mother is the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world. Yes, mothers are a national treasure and setting aside time to make a mother feel special is a great idea.  

Some believe that Mother’s Day, like many other days we celebrate have become too commercialised. But we don’t have to fall into the trap of commercialism. There are simple ways to show a mother we care, from cooking a meal or a child tidying up their room – ‘look what I did mum, especially for you on Mother’s Day’! Some mother’s will get cold toast and cold tea from their child this Sunday but as the saying goes ‘It’s the thought that counts’!

I remember one year when my son was 13 years old, I received a lovely bunch of flowers on Mother’s Day. He went for a bicycle ride and collected some beautiful specimens hanging over the fences of our nearby neighbours. I am sure they did not mind!

There are a range of ways we can make our mother feel special. We can buy gifts but rather than buying expensive gifts we can tell our mothers how much we love them by giving them flowers. Roses are the perfect gift. Even better, a rose bush to plant in the garden. Some mothers would also like chocolates with their roses, or just chocolates on their own.

A floral arrangement from friends. Yellow roses are noted for depicting warm feelings of friendship and optimism. In many Eastern cultures the colour yellow represents joy, wisdom and power.

My mother, Sweet Flower, was such a sweet girl. Yes, she spread her own fragrance until she left this earth on 13th April 2019, 92 years old. My reason for calling her Sweet Flower was to remind her how special and sweet she was. My mother loved chocolates. There were always plenty of these at her place including mars bars, which was one of her favourite chocolate treats. When she stayed with us in recent years, she had her own stash of mars bars in the bedroom. I knew she sat up at ate them in bed as I could see the evidence on the sheet when she left! For years and years, prior to mars bars going to number one, her favourite was Roses chocolates. I started a tradition that lasted for decades. When she arrived at our place, she would find a box of roses chocolates sitting on her pillowcase. On reflection maybe I was behind her habit of eating chocolates in bed!  

Since growing up my son who lives in Western Australia has generously sent me flowers for occasions such as my birthday or Mother’s Day. I am happy with a phone call. However, there are times that  I have had the joy of flowers arriving unexpectedly at my front door, like they did today. The flowers this time however were from friends. The card said, ‘Thinking of you always and especially Sweet Flower on this Mother’s Day’. Now, that is rather special. Thank you to my dear friends who have spread the fragrance of love and friendship into my life this Mother’s Day.  

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