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The thrill of a worldwide open border

I am looking forward to the day when we can travel unrestricted to any world destination – a worldwide open border. I will be so excited at the departure terminal. In all the excitement I hope I do not accidently take hold of a strangers hand when standing in the Qantas queue!

Like me, have you missed the freedom of going on an overseas holiday? Even the one you planned for 2020. Your hope of going to new places and meeting new friends was put on hold by the coronavirus. But, there is hope in sight. We are getting closer to a worldwide open border once there is a COVID-19 vaccine.

The good news is that a vaccine could be available early next year. That would be wonderful! Once the population in each country are vaccinated the green light appears and the borders are opened. In time we would have a worldwide open border. Therefore, it is time to start dreaming and planning our next travel adventure.

street lights
Where will I go? Maybe a jazz club in New York?
What about another trip to the Eiffel Tower, Paris?
I have been to London a few times. I love visiting all the historical places and the National Art Gallery in Trafalgar Square.
There are so many beautiful beaches in Australia. Come and visit.
Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia.
The Giants Causeway, Country Antrim, Northern Ireland. My O&O and I found a great spot between the rocks to enjoy a sandwich and a Guinness. Will we return?
I am rather fond of this city, Brisbane. Beautiful at night.

Are you looking forward to a COVID-19 vaccine and the lifting of travel restrictions? What will you do and where will you go when the worldwide borders are open? I might start with a trip to Brisbane. These days it is a vibrant city. It is not far from my home and there is so much to do and see in Brisbane.

What about you? Will you venture overseas or enjoy all the amazing scenery from your own backyard?

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  • Christine Anne Reghenzani

    I want to visit my family and friends in Australia. Overseas, I’d like to go back to Italy, visit a friend in Connecticut USA, children in the UK, and the Giants Causeway as I missed that one on my trips to Ireland. So much to see so little time. Let’s hope the vaccine is a permanent cure and available next year.

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