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Thyme in the garden

Our thyme in our garden is doing very well. It is also a good “time” of the year to get out into the garden and do some of those gardening jobs before the weather gets too hot.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I had planted seeds in cardboard toilet roll tubes. I found it a fiddle to get the soil into the tube. The easier part is planting out the seedlings. All it takes is to dig a hole and drop in the seedling as they are secure in the tube. My experiment was worthwhile but I concluded I am not a big fan of the method, partly because it takes a while for the cardboard surrounding the seedling to decompose. In future I will plant the seeds in a polystyrene box and then directly into the garden bed when they are a suitable size. Toilet roll tubes though should not necessarily go into the recycling bin as there are many things you can do with them – check out Mum’s Grapevine and 20 things you can do with toilet paper rolls. Some good tips here for entertaining children or grandchildren.

Although my zucchini plants and cucumber seedlings (one out of two survived the transplant), after the toilet roll tube experiment, the lettuce seeds are growing ever so slowly, as is the beetroot and tomatoes. To get things going and growing in our veggie patch it was time to take a trip to Bunnings (the new one that just opened in Toowoomba and only 3 kms away). We bought tomato, lettuce seedlings, basil (the traditional sweet basil and a purple basil), a rosemary plant and a dwarf black mulberry. The mulberry tree will likely go in the chicken run for shade however we will have to fence it off initially as our Princess Chickens will be sure to eat the leaves and all we will be left with is the trunk!

The Princess Chickens have their own space, fenced off from the veggie garden. They like to watch us when we are gardening hoping they may get a worm!

Spending time in the garden has its rewards – fresh veggies, straight from the garden patch to the plate, less than 20 metres. We have enjoyed the carrots that my “One & Only” (O&O) planted and yesterday he checked his potato crop that is doing exceptionally well. It must be something to do with my watering!

Carrots from the garden patch to the plate.
Potato plants are thriving.
Next winter we will be enjoying our own citrus including mandarins. At our previous home we had so many mandarins we would juice these…I love mandarin juice!

It does not take too much effort to grow some of your own vegetables and herbs.  A little time in the garden makes a difference and a little thyme from the garden and into a favourite recipe makes it taste so much better. If we can produce some veggies and herbs on our small patch than you can too! Let me know what you are doing in your garden this season. 


  • Christine Anne Reghenzani

    Your carrots look very edible. We haven’t had much success with carrots but the rest of the veggie garden is a blooming plot!

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