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Tickety Boo Meaning

Are you familiar with the words “tickety boo”? It is not a common term these days but every now and again it will surface. In fact, I heard it yesterday! I became familiar with “tickety boo” when I was a child. In the 1958 movie starring Danny Kaye he sings the song titled “Everything is tickety-boo”.

What does tickety boo mean? It means that everything is going along smoothly. Yes, things are just fine and dandy. When things are “tickety boo” then you really need to sing about it. Life has its up and downs and when we are down – we do not feel like singing.

It has been proven though that singing is good for us so when I am feeling down, on the odd occasion, I will sing my way into a “dreamy, peaches and cream” day. This is the type of day that Danny Kaye had. I am not sure what a dreamy, peaches and cream day is like, but it is much better than feeling down in the dumps.

Singing and feeling good!

I don’t have to sing “tickety boo” to enhance my mood, any song will do. When we sing we release endorphins and it just makes us feel good. Another hormone that is released during singing is oxytocin which relieves anxiety and stress – much better for our health than a “happy pill” from the pharmacy.

We all know how children love to sing. Along with it they enjoy dancing and clapping their hands. Similarly, when we get older we should not stop singing, dancing or clapping our hands. What is it that when we get older, we lose the capacity to enjoy the simple things of life? Singing improves our brain function, improves our quality of life, increases out social support (such as joining a choir) and networking – and it takes us into a more positive space, whatever our age! I must sing more – but maybe not “tickety boo”.

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