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Tidying up

How much time do you spend tidying up and putting things away? I seem to spend a lot of my time putting things away. If you are doing the same, don’t despair this is a good thing!

I realised that having a place for everything and putting things back in their place keeps our place tidy. But there is more I can do! Therefore, I was pleased to hear about the KonMarie method. I am reading ‘The life-changing magic of tidying up’ by Marie Kondo. Kondo has had an interest in tidiness since a young child. The London Times said this about her “[Kondo] has positioned herself as Japan’s preeminent guru of tidiness, a warrior princess in the war on clutter.”

Kondo is not an advocate of the ‘room by room’ or ‘little by little’ approach to tidiness. You do it once, and if it is done properly you will never have to do it again. The KonMarie method is about categories. Clothes, then books, papers, komono (miscellaneous) and lastly, mementos.

Before moving to our current home in Toowoomba we had two moves within two years. It was unbelievable what we either gave away or threw out. You may be surprised to hear that at our place these days we do have drawers that are empty and shelves that have space! Do we have too much furniture or just great storage options?

How am I going at packing my suitcase Christine R? My sister Christine is an expert at packing a suitcase, it comes from her time spent in the military. I wonder how Marie Kondo packs her suitcase? Still to find out!

When Kondo talks about decluttering it is not about deciding what to throw away, it’s about deciding what to keep! At our place we do have less than a few years back, but still we have too much. Then there is that doona I wrote about recently with its percale cover sewn to it that will never be used. It will have to go.

I was so motivated when reading a recent article about Marie Kondo that I started on my wardrobe, but it is not completed. Too many distractions! However, I do hang my clothes in categories and all the coat hangers are the same and clothes face in the same direction. I am always taking out loose coat hangers from my One & Only’s (O&O’s) side of the walk-in robe and moving these to the end where unaccompanied coat hangers live! One of my quests in life is also to work out the difference between obsessive compulsive disorder such as the need to repetitive arranging and organising things and having a tidy house with a place for everything. While I like a tidy house if you come and visit you will find I am far from a perfectionist.

If you have chickens be prepared to spend time tidying up after them! More about my method another time.

Why haven’t I finished sorting my clothes? My excuse – I am still reading the book! After this my biggest challenge is in our shared office. I cannot keep away from the ‘pile system’ – lovely little piles of books, papers and files. I am very attached to my book collection so time will tell what will happen there. I have read all the books and I don’t think I have one fiction book. Life is too short, and I only have time to read non-fiction books such as memoirs, biographies, academic books or books about gardening or chickens. I am looking forward to clearing out my part of the office with all its mementos. I cannot give away my three paperweights I have had for decades, too many memories.  I am keeping those.

The good part about the KonMarie method is that I decide what to keep, no one does this for me! As Kondo says keep things because you love them, not just because. She is questioning our materialism and why we need so many things? Much more about this at another time. In the meantime, does anyone know how people manage to live in tiny houses?

P.S. I like going out to eat once in a while….no tidying up!

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