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Time for a beach holiday

There is no time like Autumn or Winter weather for a beach holiday in Queensland. There are other places across Australia where you can enjoy a great beach holiday. Yet, Queensland has some of the most spectacular beaches found in the world.

Do you ever long for the wide open spaces of a beach holiday? Walking or sitting on the beach and looking at the expansive ocean while contemplating life. While I love living in the country I always look forward to a beach holiday.

There are many reasons for planning a beach holiday. We get an opportunity to explore a new area or reacquaint ourselves with an old stomping ground. Long walks on the beach are good for our mental wellbeing. My favourite times for walking on the beach are at sunrise or sunset. Observing the splendour of a kaleidoscope of colour in the sky is definitely good for our soul.

However, if you cannot get to the beach anytime soon then listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean waves in the video below. Use it as a meditation, even for three minutes to escape from any of life’s worries.

There is nothing to compare with the sight and sounds of the ocean. Thus, a beach holiday is a good tonic for us and it is great way to relieve stress. On a beach holiday we have permission to relax and before we get there the anticipation is a positive stimuli for our mood.

One of my great beach holiday memories is when we went to Cape Tribulation. This is the only place in the world where two World-Heritage Listed sites (The Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest) meet. My son, who was living there at the time, organised a bacon and egg breakfast for us on Coconut Beach. Just perfect! As the saying goes in Queensland ‘beautiful one day, perfect the next.’

If you want inspiration for your next beach holiday then take a look at the following video of a few beaches that Queensland has on offer.

Then all you have to do, like me, is start packing!

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