Toxic workplaces

The topic of toxic workplaces is in the news. It came about due to Brittany Higgins letting her voice speak. Letting her ‘voice speak’ may sound like an oxymoron and yes it is. We all have a voice, women have a voice, but there are many occasions when women do not speak.

Why are women stuck in this time warp of ‘not speaking?’ Who is silencing their voices? It is because there is still a belief that women have a place and therefore she must be put in her place?

Perhaps women do not speak up because of retaliation from someone more powerful. The imbalance of power is no more evident than what is found in the halls of parliament in Australia. The evidence is there. Woman, after woman, are jumping ship, leaving their jobs in parliament, because those who govern our nation, do not know how to govern themselves.

The most recent casualty is Ann Sudmalis, a Liberal Member of Parliament. Ms Sudmalis will not contest her seat at the next Federal election. She has given her voice to the treatment of women in parliament, a toxic and misogynist workplace.

anonymous lady showing cardboard fighting against violence
It will take a tribe of women who let their voice speak to change toxic workplaces.
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Eight years after Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s ‘misogyny speech’ nothing much has changed. Therefore, it is time to lend my voice to the keyboard and write about toxic workplaces.

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