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When I think of the word value there are many ways, I can look at it. At our place when we have tradespeople in, we want them to do a good job, but we also want value for money. It was no more evident last week when we got a quote for a replacement shower screen. We got two quotes. The first one was $2,600 the second one was $750. Then there was the quote from a plumber with no brand names for our selected products! What would we get – an inferior product? I asked if the quote could be updated with product details. Three days later, no news! I get the feeling if we went ahead with that plumber, we would not get value for money.

Value when shopping

Then when I go shopping, I like getting value for the money I spend. It is not about how much money I have, I still want value for money! I somehow get joy out of finding a favourite product at the supermarket or department store that is discounted? Is there anyone else like me? Today when out shopping I bought a bunch of one of my favourite flowers, oriental liliums. They just happened to be half price and there was nothing wrong with them. Just moving stock – I got value there! Two years ago, I bought about 30 lilium bulbs. They flowered reasonably well the first year and then just died in the ground! Very disappointing.

Lilium Bergama

Value adding in our relationships

When we add value in our relationships these can either be in the workplace, friends, family or for a couple. When these are personal relationships there are some easy ways I can value add. It is best if I listen as well as speak. If I show that I care through acts of kindness, this is a positive move. In all relationships honesty, respect, loyalty, dependability, reliability add great value. Often early in relationships couples will make an effort then after a while they start taking one another for granted. It is time then to go back to looking at ways of value-adding to the relationship. A one-sided relationship where one gives, and the other takes, does not work. It is not about each putting in 50% to the relationship, but about each person giving 100%. Relationships take work. When we work through a problem there is satisfaction and appreciation of each other. Good relationships just don’t happen – people make them happen!

Value adding in the workplace

When I was in paid employment there was a time when we all talked about “value-adding”. It was about increasing our productivity; using our knowledge and experience for the benefit of the organisation; moving from a focus on self-interest to the team. It was working smarter, not harder and engaging in a continuous improvement cycle. To value-add was to move out of our “comfort zone” of how we always did things and discover ways we could do things better.

There are ways we can live better and Albert Einstein gives us a very good clue for living. He was the most influential physicist of the 20th century. But more than that he also knew the value of what was important in life. I will leave you with his wise words below.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value – Albert Einstein.

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