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Weather, Weight and Wrinkles

It has been raining at our place most of the year to date (140mms), therefore the weather is getting my attention.  Given I am indoors for most of the time I am preoccupied with the weather, my weight and my wrinkles. Let’s start with the weather. I love the rain and the mist. As we live on the southern escarpment of the Blackall Range we get low cloud cover and mist hovering over and around us. The lawn and garden is drinking in the rain. Most of the year our garden is green but right now it is a verdant green to be envied.

But with all this rain what about the Princess Chickens! Most days there has been a break in the weather for playtime. Of course the first thing they do is run to their banqueting table, also known as “the plank” to enjoy their fruit & veggie treat. I enjoy watching the Princesses as they run to their treat. It only happened once – no treat – and the disappointment and bewilderment in their looks and clucking is something I cannot face again. They were so unhappy!

Princess Chickens stepping out and getting dirty feet!
Princess Chickens stepping out and getting dirty feet!

The only problem with the weather at the moment is that the Princesses feet are getting very dirty when out for their short playtime. I have to accept that there is not much I can do about it but to keep their home (their Palace) as clean as possible. Fresh straw and sawdust went in yesterday between the downpours. They were very happy of course when playtime was over and they returned to their tidy and clean home for their evening dining ritual. Recently I had a problem to solve as on occasions there was poop in the nesting box (Princesses behaving badly)! I was on full alert when two days ago Princess Poppie went into the nesting box close on 5pm. Was the fifth egg for the day about to be laid or had she gone to bed? I decided to return later to investigate. At 7pm Poppie was nestled into the nesting box seemingly with no plans for moving; until I came along. I gently nudged her out. I found an egg and within 5 minutes she had settled for the night on the roosting bar. The Etiquette Training School for Princess Chickens continues!

I now come to the issue of weight. My goal of losing few kilos should be accomplished this year through eating a healthy diet and regular exercise. I am not going to the gym. Why should I pay to go to a gym when I can get all the exercise I need by walking out the front door and just keep walking for 30 minutes? My one problem is that I conveniently keep forgetting where the front door is! I tell my “one and only” this is a sign of growing older, nothing to worry about at all. All in jest of course! I thought of buying a dog so I would walk more but then there would be two not walking, me and the dog! This is life day by day in my life in retirement. This is as good as it gets! So I had better enjoy what I can and while it is raining I have the perfect excuse not to walk.

My new project for January is to make sourdough bread. I have been doing all the research only to discover different tips, different methods, and insufficient guidance about the steps to take. Is there a conspiracy to keep the method secretive for a select few? Once I am successful in growing my own “starter” and making that elusive loaf I will share in a post the steps in detail and expose the truth behind sourdough.

This brings me to my last matter of wrinkles. Once in a while I open the blinds to let more light in and smile at myself in the mirror. Not so I can just see a happy face for the day but to check out the wrinkle show. My only secret to keep the wrinkles away is to keep hydrated. I drink lots of water and I think this helps. My approach is that what goes into my body will affect the outside. I have no intention of having Botox or a facelift. Take a look at Ita Buttrose on Studio 10 (Ten Network). While Ita may have some useful comments on life, the role of women, ageing and her experiences, I can’t hear them because my eyes and thoughts are glued to her face. Ita’s eyebrows never move, neither does much else on her face. What an ignominy that women have to go to this extend to look young, feel accepted and loved. As a society we need to value ageing along with all the wrinkles. My role model for ageing is Dr Lady (Phyllis) Cilento who in my view grew old gracefully with her wrinkles. Lady Cilento has more recently been recognised and honoured with the new Brisbane Children’s Hospital being named after her.

This is life day by day for me as I live with the weather, weight and wrinkles. My response – no worries!



  • Debbie


    The secret to life is balance. Weight and wrinkles are part of maturing in life. Did you know that SUGARCANE is a natural glycolic that buffs away the dead skin cells. Use Door of Youth Skin Renewal serum every night or second night, then in the AM use Foaming cleanser. You will notice an improvement in the skin. Facial Mist from DOY also helps during the day to hydrate the pores. Red wine is good for the skin just one glass a day not a bottle and yes lots of water. Stay youthful!

  • kjblogstraws

    Thanks Debbie for the tips. Yes I am aware that there is anti-ageing properties in red wine. Apparently the anti-oxidant compound resveratrol in the wine is what is good for our skin. It is also found in foods such as peanuts, grapes and blueberries. Decisions, decisions – a glass of wine or a handful of berries?

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