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Welcome to our world

About 30 years ago my One & Only (O&O) and I travelled to Sydney from Brisbane to catch up with my mother (Valma) and the new man in her life (Kelvin). My father had passed away. Some years ago, I wrote an article about Valma and Kelvin and how they married 44 years after they first met.  Believing they were too young as 20-year old’s for a serious relationship, Kelvin’s mother hid Valma’s letter from him. He was heart-broken, but he had to get on with his life.

When Valma spoke to Kelvin on the phone over four decades later she said to him ‘you broke my heart.’ While both their hearts had been broken, they had a second chance at love. Kelvin had been divorced for 16 years and they were over-joyed to meet again. Kelvin lived with his Aunt in Glebe, a suburb with trendy cafés and a bohemian atmosphere. We booked a hotel nearby.

When we arrived in our room at the hotel we had a beautiful surprise. The room was filled with flowers and a sign saying, ‘Welcome to our world.’ Kelvin, a talented artist, had written and decorated the sign.  

Now with the Coronavirus pandemic our world is very different. No longer can we ‘welcome’ people into our world, like we did before. Our lives have changed remarkably. The changes I don’t like seeing are the images of people lining up at Centrelink or people lying in hospital beds, sick and suffering.  Many people are now working from home (if possible) and then spending more time at home – no socialising. We all have to keep our social distance, 1.5 metres, when out shopping for groceries, visiting the post office or pharmacy or attending a medical appointment. If you arrive in Australia now by ship or air you will go into mandatory quarantine for 14 days. If you have been travelling around Australia and returned home, you must self-isolate at home for 14 days. The changes have been mammoth for so many. But not for me or my O&O! Welcome to our world!

Open the curtain to a new world!

Our world is our home. Our world is full of music, of reading and writing, of caring for our veggie and herb garden, citrus trees and flowers, and chickens. My world is full of all these happy moments and more. I enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, playing music and dancing in my mind when listening to music as I drift off to sleep at night. I am thankful for my home and my surroundings, for all the gifts nature gives me each day, beginning with the rising of the sun.

While we love sharing happy times at home over meals with friends and family we do not go out to pubs and clubs. We enjoy the occasional restaurant meal for a special occasion. But ‘enjoy’ is not the best way to describe the experience. Mostly we prefer to be home, sitting in comfort, no noisy people chatting at the next table, or getting all the attention of the waiter. My waiter, my O&O, is at my beck and call!

A home cooked meal from scratch, ready for the oven.

Yes, we have made our home, our palace. A place where we love to be. Right now, it is an opportunity for all of us, to do the things we love – at home. It is also an opportunity for Do It Yourself (DIY) projects. Helpful hints are readily found on the internet or YouTube videos. It is good for our mental health to keep busy.

In the next month I am going to build a nesting box for pale-headed rosellas. Our son, a carpenter, has lost his job and is staying with us for a while. This is a bonus for me while I try out a new DIY project.

There are many jobs that can give us pleasure and satisfaction at home. Simple jobs such as weeding a garden bed; spraying the roses to keep them healthy; cooking a healthy meal from scratch; tidying the pantry; renovating the veggie patch or the chicken coop; watching the stars at night; or sorting out those photos from times when we could go on holidays! Simple jobs giving simple pleasure. Welcome to our world, our home. Let me know what you are doing at home, and how things are in your world.

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