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Wellbeing and a positive attitude

This week I continue writing about topics that influence our wellbeing. Another one of these is a positive attitude. I am doing this to remind myself about all the interconnected factors that impact on my wellbeing, and yours as well. Being well or wellbeing helps us achieve our goals in life. Life is easier to manage if we are well.  That is, if we are comfortable, healthy, and happy.

Well, what about attitude?

A key link to our wellbeing is attitude. That is, our attitude to a person, event, or behaviour from ourselves or another. An attitude can be either negative or positive. It is better for our wellbeing if we strive to maintain a positive attitude in life. Another term for it is optimism. It is as simple as seeing the glass half-full, not half-empty. It is a subtle but significant difference. A positive attitude in life will enhance our wellbeing. This is opposed to a negative attitude that will bring us down and those around us. A positive attitude is essential for our wellbeing.

Our newest Australians give us a life lesson.

This past week in Australia we celebrated ‘Australia Day.’ I watched the National Flag Raising and Citizenship Ceremony on TV. It was an incredibly positive event. The singing was uplifting but the most positive choruses came from Australia’s newest citizens.

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The Australian flag is a symbol of identity and pride.
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They shared their stories and why they made Australia home. One after one it was about the opportunities life offers them in Australia. They were full of gratitude for the benefits that are now open to them. They can participate in political and social decisions. They can vote. They can travel freely across the nation without fear of state border controls (with the exception of COVID-19 and temporary border closures). They have a permanent home – Australia. They can join the defence force. They can now apply for an Australian Passport. The benefits are far reaching, and they showed gratitude. They only saw the best of what this new life offered. Their positive attitudes were evident in their speech, their body language, and their smiles.

Looking on the bright side of life.

When we look on the bright side of life, also known as the positive side of life, we are in a good place. As we are looking for the best life has to offer, the best outcome, or the best in people. When we do so we feel better about ourselves. We all have difficulties in life, but if we dwell on these, get down in the doldrums, we rob ourselves of a measure of happiness that would otherwise be ours.

If you have a positive attitude and have a challenge ahead it is easier to confront it with optimism. It is an ‘I can’ approach rather than ‘I can’t.’ However, it does not mean that there will never be stumbles or failures, these happen. They have happened to me. It happens to all of us if we aim high, aim for success. We all pass failure on the road to success. Therefore, we might as well have a positive attitude that will enhance our wellbeing rather than a defeated mentality. A Chinese Proverb sums it up well ‘Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up.’

We have to get up when the going gets tough. We must maintain that positive attitude for our wellbeing. If we do and have faith in ourselves, we can achieve our goals. For a start if we want to experience wellbeing, a healthier lifestyle, we have to start somewhere.

Positive gains can be made with a positive attitude.

Are you ready for change? Do you, like me, want to make positive gains in this game of life? What do you want to change? It might be starting an exercise program or finding healthier and nutritional recipes. It could be writing down your goals with small achievable steps. All of this is within our control.

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Think about it. Healthy food or not? It is up to us. Maybe make an exception for birthdays!
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It is up to each one of us to make the difference in our lifestyle, no one else will do it for us. No one else can have a positive attitude or make positive gains on our behalf or pass on their optimism. It comes from within. It bubbles away. A positive attitude is a mix of happiness, joy, compassion, kindness, belief in self, belief in others, holding on to hope, with a heart of gratitude and an ‘I can’ attitude. It is all part of the wellbeing journey. I have started with checking my attitude. How about you?

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