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Wellbeing and lifestyle

Does wellbeing and lifestyle partner together for health and happiness? Can we have one without the other? I believe that what we put first can make a difference to how we feel about ourselves and those around us.


Let us start with wellbeing. If you read my earlier article, I wrote about the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. But wellbeing is not just about diet. Our wellbeing has at least four parts. It is made up of physical, emotional, mental, and social factors. Work is another important factor.

We give of our best at work when we trust those we work with, when there is good communication, and our ideas as a team player are respected. It is best not to skip lunch. Our bodies work better with fuel. If a workplace is a toxic and unsupported environment this can have an impact on our overall health and wellbeing.

To increase my health and wellbeing I have been thinking about enrolling in the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, the 12-week program. But before I do I have to be sure. I must be committed. I did the Diet Type Survey. The result is that I am a ‘Foodie.’ For the foodie, ‘food is often on your mind, you love the dining experience and aren’t too bad in the kitchen. But your passion for food can sometimes mean you overindulge. This can lead to your diet derailment.’ It looks like I am a person who can go ‘off the rails.’ Does that mean it is time to put on the brakes?

But I am not convinced that I am really a ‘foodie.’ That is because I might like to dine out, but I have not dined out all 2020. The reason is COVID-19. Dining in at home is my destination of choice for all things food. Also, did I answer all the questions accurately or was I trying to be someone else? Yet when I looked at the overall summary ‘Food is a passion – an experience you love to explore.’ I am okay with that. Then when I looked at all the other options, craver, freewheeler, socialiser, thinker. Those choices tell me I am happy being a ‘foodie.’

Balance is the key to living a good life. The key to wellbeing.


What is lifestyle, but more so what is a good lifestyle? For me it is balance and I do not mean to indicate I am a gymnast. To have a good lifestyle, a good life, there is a balance between work and play; exercise and rest; chores and fun; alone time and social time; quiet time and busy time, that is being and doing.

A balanced lifestyle puts us in a great position to experience good health and emotional and mental wellbeing. This then gives us an equilibrium of happiness. I like to remain on an even keel, rather than have ups and downs. I achieve this through balance in my lifestyle and keeping a positive mindset.

However, there are things in life that come our way, uninvited, that can easily upset our balance our momentum for health, wellbeing, and positivity. This can be the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one, ill health, relationship, or financial problems. Relationship and financial problems are intruding into many lives, given our ‘COVID-19 normal’ way of living in 2020.

The key for survival when life is not going as well as expected is to respond, not to react. Take time to think things through and then act, rather than the other way around. Seek help. Start with your local general practitioner or phone Lifeline on 13 11 14. Help is only a phone call away.

The road to health and happiness is not something money can buy. Apart from the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet program! Wellbeing is not something we can give ourselves or others for Christmas. It is something we have to work at, to work for. And yes, there are occasions when we have to ask for a helping hand to get back on our feet. What about you? What motivates you to live a good lifestyle? What keeps you feeling well – your wellbeing story?

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