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Wellbeing and the web of deceit

How does wellbeing and the web of deceit go together? The answer is that there are times when we deceive ourselves by believing we are looking after our wellbeing.

What should we eat and drink?

We might believe we are having a nutritious diet of protein, fruit, vegetables, bread, cereal and dairy. But then if we are overindulging in chocolate, ice cream, chips, or lollies, we are caught up in the web of deceit. We are deceiving ourselves. Food for thought!

Then what about that glass of alcohol? The one that holds half a bottle! Only one glass a night? We are deceiving ourselves, that is, if we are on a wellbeing journey and drink too much alcohol. What about starting with a smaller glass. More trips to the fridge will keep us moving and we may even drink less!

Not all food is nutritious

How much do we know about the nutritional value of the food we are eating? I like to know. That is why I spend so much time looking at bottles and cans at the supermarket and then putting them back on the shelf. A better option is to cook at home from scratch with fresh food and plenty of vegetables.

Look out for healthy recipes

If you want to maximise your wellbeing for your heart, then look out for healthy recipes. A good place to start is the Australian Heart Foundation. There you will find a range of free booklets. I downloaded the 5 ingredients recipes ebook. It has 8 delicious and easy to follow recipes. While the ebook is free there is an option to donate to fund research and education for healthy hearts.

There are also heaps of healthy websites that will help us make healthy choices. Take a look at what Sonia has for you on her Healthy Foodie website.

Drink lots of water

Another key area for our wellbeing is H20 – water. If you find you are thirsty this means you are not taking care of your hydration. Keep steadily drinking water throughout the day. If you are feeling lethargic or lightheaded then try increasing your water intake. The daily goal should be 6-8 glasses a water per day. Other drinks such as tea, coffee, soda all contribute to our daily intake. Fruit and vegetables also contain water and are a good alternative if you are not a big fan of water.

To encourage yourself, rather than getting caught up in the web of deceit, buy yourself a nice water bottle. I have two I am alternating at the moment, a pink one and an orange one. I like ‘BPA free’ water bottles. At our place we also have stainless steel water bottles which are 100% safe. However, you have to be careful drinking from these when driving. It is easy to chip a tooth when going over a bump!

If at all possible, have a water filtering system at home. It is best not to buy too many bottles of water from the supermarket, although I fall into the web, now and again! There are a few water warriors out in the community who warn people against plastic water bottles. I met one (a staff member) at a Woolworths supermarket on the Gold Coast in 2019.

Not everyone knows your story at the time and there could be a good reason for buying a 12 pack of plastic water bottles. My reason at the time was that I was a two hour drive away from home and I was spending all day at the hospital with my mother. She passed away a few weeks later. While we might want to protect the planet. We also have to be mindful of peoples privacy and their choices for a product that is readily available.

We need more companies who care for the environment

It would be much better if companies would produce products that are good for the environment. However, the only way to change things is for us all to stop buying plastic water bottles. But we get caught up in the web of deceit due to convenience. Also, there is little choice when it comes to buying water in a bottle. Supermarkets could do well by having refill filtered water stations at a cheaper price. Another option are glass bottles that can be recycled.

Keeping out of the web of deceit

After reading this article did you discover there are times when you have gotten caught up in the web of deceit? It is never to late to get out of the web when it comes to our wellbeing.

It is a good exercise to reflect on our wellbeing. It gives us time to work out what changes we can make. We owe it to ourselves to keep ourselves healthy and out of the web of deceit! Our wellbeing is too important.

Please note: I have no training in nutrition. All of the above is for informational and inspirational purposes only. Please see your general practitioner (doctor) or a dietician if you want professional advice on nutrition to improve your wellbeing.

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