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What is wellbeing? Is it being physically healthy? But then what about our emotional and mental health? As human beings we are complex creatures. We are affected by how we feel about ourselves and others. We are emotional beings. Our emotions can impact on our mental health and this can have an ongoing effect on our physical health and overall wellbeing.

Think about the ‘couch potato.’ This is a term for someone who likes to spend the best part of their day on the couch – not doing too much. A ‘couch potato’ is a person who is undermotivated and not feeling good about themselves. They are captured in a web of behaviour that gradually robs them of wellness. Their physical wellbeing suffers. Usually caused by the state of their emotional and mental wellbeing. It is a downhill slide into unhappiness and ill health.

Wellbeing is a complex subject as it includes many factors. To begin with it is important to have a nutritional diet, drink water and exercise.

Back in 2019 when at my local medical practice, a man in his early 50s, was wheeled in to see a doctor. He was obese and looked uncomfortable. He could not walk as he was so overweight. He looked very unwell. When I saw my doctor, she told me that he was only days away from death.

I pondered on that man’s life and what had happened. What was it that caused him to become the classic ‘couch potato?’ Seeing him on that portable bed was very confronting. He had lost all sense of self-worth. Also, he must have lost all sense of purpose and meaning for his life. He had not cared for himself. He had lost hope, given up!

But life should not be about ‘giving up’ it should be about ‘getting up’ and caring for ourselves. Taking personal responsibility. I know I need to take more personal responsibility for my wellness.

After a year of lockdowns and uncertainties in 2020 due to COVID-19 I want to spend 2021 concentrating on wellbeing. I want to learn more and grow my understanding of what is means to live a life that enhances my wellbeing.  

Therefore, I will spend the next couple of months exploring a range of topics that influence our wellbeing. I am sure this will help me in my wellbeing journey. I hope it does the same for you.

My first topic will be on the ‘Quality of our personal relationships’ and how these impact on our wellbeing. Join me as we go on the journey together.

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