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What about planting a lemon tree?

Do you have a lemon tree growing in your backyard or front yard? I often wonder why people don’t plant a lemon tree in the garden. We bought our home just over three years ago and there was not a citrus tree in sight! The couple who built the house lived in it for around 20 years, but they never planted a lemon tree. At our previous house we planted citrus trees including a lemon tree. The family who bought the house are now enjoying picking lemons, just because we planted a lemon tree.  

I like walking into the backyard and taking a couple of lemons off our tree where we now live. We planted the Meyer lemon. It is a more rounded fruit and a prolific grower. Even though our lemon tree has not flourished as much as I would have liked I am sure it will mature in another twelve months’ time. I will have to feed it with soil from our chicken run, that will surely give it a boost.

Here they are my team of fertilising experts. The passionfruit vine is doing very well. Lemon and passionfruit butter could soon be on the menu at our place.

We planted five citrus trees, all the dwarf variety. We have four growing down the side of your house and one the other side in the middle of a flower garden. If you don’t have much room at your place or are renting, then you can have a fruit tree in a pot. When you move you can then take it with you. Having lemons handy is great as there are so many uses for the humble lemon. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Lemons can be juiced and frozen in ice cube trays.
  2. Lemon juice and warm water every morning will give us a good source of vitamin C. It will also help maintain the pH balance in the body. In that case, this is something I should do more of.
  3. Lemon juice in a Bloody Mary drink gives the drink great balance. I like to squeeze in a quarter of a lemon and then just pop it in the glass. As a Bloody Mary has tomato juice it has to be healthy for me as it has heaps of vitamins. Just to keep healthy I will have to have a Bloody Mary tonight!
  4. Then what about lemon butter? It has lots of sugar and the main reason I don’t make it. But surely a small amount at a time would not be too bad for me? Here is a recipe for lemon butter that I must try.
  5. Lemons can also be preserved or bottled.
Lemon butter would be delicious on these date and banana muffins I made through the week. There are more in the freezer!

So many options and all because someone thought of planting a lemon tree!

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  • Christine Anne Reghenzani

    That passion fruit vine looks fantastico! Lots of delicious fruit. Those who can should all be growing more fruit and vegetables due to the wide spread drought in the country.

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