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What’s Up?

The Coronavirus Panic

If you ask anyone the question ‘What’s Up?’ you will get a range of responses. However, at the moment it seems everyone is talking about the Coronavirus, CO-VID 19, and panicking about what might happen. The stockpiling of household essentials, including toilet paper, is driven by fear. There is a name for it. It is called FOMO – the fear of missing out! Well, what’s up at our place this past week is that we did not go panic shopping. Although in our regular shop, I did put a few extra cans of tomatoes and baked beans in our shopping trolley.

Really, what’s up with people stockpiling? Did anyone happen to tell them that if things remain the same, that is, the Coronavirus is not contained, sooner or later the stockpile will disappear. Or is there an ulterior motive? Do people think that toilet paper will be in short supply and they can make money by selling it on Gumtree? Enough of Coronavirus talk. It is making everyone tired just talking about it and thinking about the possibilities of what might happen.

The Wonder of Weeds

What’s up at our place is that the lawn is growing too fast and the weeds even faster. We are thankful for the rain but the downside is we have more work to do outside. Where do all the weeds come from? They seem to spring up out of nowhere. I am sure it is the same at your place.

The upside of ongoing rain is that we use less water and our water rates bill is reduced. Also, with water restrictions in place our plants and shrubs were struggling. Now they are blooming back to life alongside the weeds.

Our passionfruit vine. We will have a great harvest this year. It was planted to give shade to the chickens.

My One & Only (O&O) has just gone outside to weed our vegetable garden. I gave him a feeble offer of help. He said he was fine to weed without me! Yet, I did weed around our citrus trees a few days ago and dug out one azalea shrub that did not survive the summer heat.

What’s Up in KJ’s Kitchen?

I have been busy in the kitchen making jam and bread. That could be our staple diet if the supermarket shelves are emptied. I have plenty of flour and sugar in the pantry. There are mulberries on our tree and soon we will have an abundance of passionfruit. Any other fruit I can put my hands on to make jam will be a bonus.

A loaf of high-fibre white bread. In the background is one of my favourite home-made jams, Gingered Rhubard. Our rhubard was not doing so well until the recent rains.
My Gingered Peach Jam. I replaced the rhubarb with peaches!

Is anyone else like me and you cook a roast or a 2.2kg duck for two people? I enjoy roasts and any left over meat can be enjoyed the next night or sliced and frozen for later. Recently, I bought a boned leg of roast pork reduced from over $20 to $5.

Our duck dinner for two!

Bargain shopping

I always love a bargain and more so when I am not expecting to find a bargain and there it is in the meat aisle of the supermarket. There are reasons why we love bragging about a bargain. I hear that there are some people who are serial bargain shoppers. They plan ahead for sales and will travel a long distance to find that elusive bargain. This is where FOMO (fear of missing out) is also present. Such people have to turn up at every sale to make sure they do not miss out.

While I love a bargain usually this happens for me haphazzardly. But when it does happen the thrill is there. I think it must be the thrill of finding a bargain that motivates us to look out for other bargain opportunities. I know this for a fact because everytime I go to the supermarket (where I bought my $5 pork roast) it is not long before I am looking at pork or lamb roasts to find out if they are marked down!

Time to rise and shine

What’s up for me lately is I am getting out of bed earlier. Well, a little earlier! Given that I do not have to rush to the office there is flexibility in my schedule. Getting up early gets me focused for the day and I achieve more. After a 30 minute walk I am more enthusiastic for what is ahead.

A beautiful morning sky from our backyard.

If you say to me ‘What’s Up?’ then my answer could be: more time in the kitchen; planning a new writing project; cleaning the house (not my favourite past-time); decluttering my desk or a cupboard; a fresh coat of paint on the chicken coop; practicing the ukulele or piano. The possibilities are endless for a retiree who is reinventing herself (more about that later).

One thing I know for sure is that I am not going to fall into the trap of panic buying and stockpiling toilet paper.

What about you? What’s Up at your place?


  • Deb

    Chuckle ? I’m not sure I should admit this because once the words are written they’re … well intractable… but I’ve lived most of my married life with an emergency stash … toilet paper indeed ? I grew up in sanctioned Rhodesia, married a farmer post-Zimbabwe and spent time in Beijing. It’s a difficult habit to break. However I’m less worried about toilet paper than business continuity. I will be very cross if my employer doesn’t make a contingency plan for staff to work from home if the need arises. There are some services, VCCS, counselling and mediation that easily lend themselves to Zoom and Skype. Time will tell. I enjoyed reading your post KJ.

  • kjblogstraws

    Hi Deb, thanks for your feedback. I am on your wavelength about the need for contingency plans for people to work from home. Even though I am not stockpiling toilet paper, just our usually monthly storage, the longer it goes on the more I am thinking about getting more!! FOMO (fear of missing out) is creeping in, Lol.

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