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What’s up with you this week? I am enjoying being older, not having such a busy schedule and embracing the simple things in life. I enjoy being able to linger longer over lunch in the winter sunshine knowing that I don’t have to rush to the next task or meeting. More time to cook our favourite meals and more time to read about what’s up in the world.

Last week I finally got around to buying new gum boots. My old ones are now at the back door for the occasional walk to the clothes line when it is wet or there is too much dew on the grass. My new ones are for all other functions around our property including my daily walks to the Princess Chickens Palace. As you can see from the photo they are bright pink with purple soles, two of my favourite colours. My O&O said that the Princesses might think they were good enough to eat – and he was right! The first couple of times wearing the boots in the Princesses’ run a couple of them took a peck, just in case it was a cake with pink icing.

My gumboots are a colourful addition to my clothes I wear in the garden & while attending to the Princess Chickens
My gumboots are a colourful addition to my clothes I wear in the garden & while attending to the Princess Chickens

The Princesses have their favourite foods (apart from their fine dining pellets). Yesterday they had the last slice of my home-made fruit cake which they devoured. We don’t eat much cake and it had been in the pantry for months being eaten little by little. The last slice was beginning to grow a little mold but not enough to deter the Princesses. It is easy to tell what food is their favourite when they have choice. They are very discerning about what is the tastiest and they eat this first. How they can tell I don’t know but they work it out and take a piece and run away with it so none of the others will snatch it from them. Yes, there is a little game they play called “snatch & grab”. In order to keep them all happy it is best if I spread out the food on their serving plank!

Anyway, back to the boots. If anyone from another country is reading this post in Australia we call our outdoor rain boots “gumboots”. Apparently the name originated in New Zealand and as the boots were made from the rubber tree sap also known as gum – there you have it! In other places such as England rain boots are called “wellies” after Lord Wellington’s long leather riding boots.  It makes a difference having gum boots in the wet weather. Not that I wear gum boots when I go out walking there are more comfortable shoes to wear such as a pair of walking shoes or runners. However, I can’t call my walking shoes runners as I am not running, I am walking. Did you know there is a difference between running and walking shoes. Shoes are made differently for different activities. Running shoes have more cushioning in the heel for the impact that happens when you run. But being older and sensible I don’t run, just walk. I could take a leisurely stroll down our country lane in my new gum boots but it would not be as comfortable as wearing my walking shoes. I really like the app on my phone that monitors and measure the walking steps I do each day. I am encouraged when I get a message – “you have reached your target for today” – and it is only lunch time!  Even better I can check throughout the day the data on a histogram and understand when I do most of my walking.

Walking is good for us. As we get older we have to make sure we keep moving. Just doing regular tasks at home such as cleaning the house, gardening or washing the car is good exercise. My O&O was told by his active physio to walk at least three times a week. Having a goal for the week is a good start. I like the idea of achieving the goal and then going beyond that as it makes you feel great. I must suggest to my O&O that we record our walks on the calendar. We have gone back to using a calendar for all our appointments and activities these days. It is a change for me as I have always been a technophile; a person who loves advanced technology. Today, in retirement I have my Samsung Galaxy S5. It is a great companion. I can easily find out what’s up in the world around me. I can read, listen to music, watch the news, check my emails, follow my Facebook friends and tweet away all from the comfort of home. And I guess you are doing the same!

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