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If we did not have words to communicate what would our world look like? Would it look better or worse? Words are all over the place. We read them in books, newspapers, letters, emails, billboards and the list continues. Words  come out of our mouth, sometimes without thinking! We can use words to hurt or we can use words to heal.

We are all shaped by words and this begins straight after birth. The words our parents and others say to us can encourage us or discourage us. We can feel loved or unloved. Words matter.

As long as words are syncretised with our non-verbal actions. When our words and actions don’t match it creates a double bind situation. Words in such a context can create emotional distress. An example of this is when a mother gave her adult son two shirts for his birthday. The next morning the son comes to breakfast wearing one of the shirts. The mother says, “I see you don’t like the other shirt I bought you”? The son has an emotional dilemma. He may want to please his mother, but it is impossible to wear both shirts at the same time! The theory behind this type of communication, the double-bind theory was first described by Gregory Bateson and his colleagues in the 1960’s.

Words of love can be said to a partner or child but if the words are said with a hug when the body language is rejecting – it becomes confusing! I realised this week that words are a valuable commodity. I need to be careful with my words. When things are not going the way I think they should then it is time to pause and reflect before words tumble out of my mouth.

Words can tumble out of our mouth like a waterfall. We need to be wise with our words!

In writing on this topic of words I am not speaking them, I am writing them down. Words when put together can create a sentence, a sentence creates a paragraph, a paragraph a chapter, a chapter a book. Words are important in our lives. Words given to the people right now in North Queensland are to evacuate their homes due to flood waters. Without words it is more difficult to get our message across unless you possess an ability to communicate in sign language. However, the majority of us just rely on words to get our message across.

Our words have the power to change our day. To change another’s day. Words matter. Words of kindness to another gives them hope for another day. Sometimes without knowing we can make a world of difference with our words.

Many words rush along like rivers in flood, but deep wisdom flows up from artesian springs. (Proverbs 18:4)

Has anyone noticed my recent topics are just ONE WORD? I aim to do this throughout 2019 – let’s see how I go with my ONE WORD topics! There is so much contained in just ONE WORD.

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